Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yikes, that hurt!

I'm thinking of going old school and sticking to a cute blue typewriter.....can you blog on that?

You know when you are reading a blog that begs you to back up your data and photos so it doesn't all disappear one morning with no warning? And you say to yourself, I should really back up my photos or get that external hard drive I've had my eye on?

Yeah... that....Well guess what? My computer bit it the other morning and all my stuff is GONE. Thank goodness my blogs have so many photos that I can copy and paste back but still. That little lesson stung!! (My husband is the family photographer and of course he backs up every day and even has multiple hard drives just in our family photos are all safe...thank goodness!)

So starting now my data goes "in the cloud" whatever that means. (on-line storage), the external hard drive is on it's way.)



  1. We subscribe to Carbonite, an online storage system. My husband is a home inspector and sure doesn't want to lose any reports. You'd be surprised how many people call later for information.

  2. Thanks donna i'll look into it!