Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding 9News Style

9News challenged Goodwill to create a Royal Wedding in 3 weeks and under $500.00, just to see what we are made of. No one actually got married. The weather reporter "married" the entertainment reporter. I styled the wedding from all of the attire for each person down to the high tea reception. That is what I've been working on for the past few weeks!

I'm happy to report that we came through with $29.00 to spare!! Most of the tabletop items came from the Belleview Store, if you see me there say hello!

With homage to the Royal Wedding we put together an afternoon High Tea, with

EVERY PIECE from local Denver Goodwill Stores.

This rolling tea cart proudly displayed vintage champagne glasses along with a silver champagne bucket and a cheeky wedding sign in a silver frame.

Try to guess how much I spent on the dress.....guess........$50.00! SEALED IN THE BOX! It really looked beautiful. (You can find it soon at the Broadway and Archer store.)

Kim Christiansen looked stunning in an outfit from Goodwill on Leetsdale.

(It's back in the store now! Hurry and see if you can grab it!!)

Awwwww! Look how adorable the ring "barrior" and flower girl are! I spent less than $30.00 to dress them both! That includes the basket AND the pillow!! Kids grow out of formal wear faster than you can keep up! Re-donate and pick up a larger size!

Here we are with Marc Koebrich, and the most well behaved children on the planet! TaRhonda is pregnant and looking incredible in this non-maternity dress for $8.99. Yes! She is a tall beauty!

Whew! We did it! I can't wait for you to see the actual piece! Tune in today to 9News at 4 o'clock to see how we pulled it off! (you can stream it live on


  1. Outstanding!!! You should be crowned the Frugality Queen! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  2. Look how cute Kirk looks! Kim looks so pretty!GW rocks!


  3. You rock!!! I think you should challenge Mrs Popcorn who is self designated Mrs Goodwill. Ann

  4. Where was the Kupah? :) You are amazing! I think you should become a personal shopper for others. You do it better than anyone I know! I am so proud of you!

  5. I love it! What a fun idea to work on!