Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIWW White Jeans Re-Mix

I copied Katie from Running on Happiness... I loved this outfit so much I decided to Thrift It!

Ok so I'm 20 years older and 5 inches shorter.....but still...

Lucky Brand Denim Shirt (Goodwill or the GDub as I like to call it!)
White Kenneth Cole Jeans (Goodwill $5.99 1/10th the retail price!)
Silpada Belt- Party.....can you say pricey?!
Black Studded Shoes (Target via Goodwill)

J Crew Breton Shirt (Goodwill)
Kenneth Cole Jeans (Goodwill)
Shoes (Goodwill)

Threw on a sequins top (Goodwill) and a blazer(?).

Same Jeans
Throw on a T-shirt
Sequins Converse (Target then I saw them at the Dub!) take the doggie for a little walk.

(making a commercial)
That is my HUSBAND! After 4 hours of makeup making him into an old man! YIKES!! This is what I have to look forward (all of his old man fabulous clothing from Goodwill!)

Oh man I love these boots soooo much! (GDub)
Michael Kors Jeans (Goodwill)

I was shopping (I work for the PR Department) for a news segment on the Royal Wedding so I dressed a little British Queen Mum here with pearls, and tweed cropped pants and ballet slipper pumps......all GDub of course.....

love these boots.


  1. Love your husband all dressed up! I saw on TV that he won a big award. How is it living with a celebrity? Do you try on all those jeans at Gdub? That must be exhausting!. Loved your inside out bathing suit story. Only you would take a picture. Ann

  2. Visiting from the Pleated Poppy! I adore that second look with the striped top - so chic! Great blog!!

  3. OK...I am officially jealous!!! Do you really work for GDub? That does make me feel a little better about all your good you get first dibs on what is brought in? :)

    You look awesome...were you in the commercial too? You totally look like you do I am just asking!


  4. You look AMAZING honey, I am off to get some white jeans like yours right now...I can't believe I didn't get them last week and after seeing you I hope they are still there. I love the hubby old style, so much to look forward too hehe. Have a lovely week beautiful. ax

  5. You are rocking those white jeans. I love all the white jean looks, but I would never have thought of sequins...great idea. I also love those tweed cropped pants. Boots are adorable too. Goodness is there anything I don't like in your wiww..ha!

  6. WHOA baby! That old man scared me somethin fierce!Love your thrifted version and that striped top! I dont buy hardly anything unless its from the thrift store. Theres nothing better than looking great...on a minimal budget:)

  7. You look soooo great in white...

  8. Love the white, it looks great on you!

  9. Your white jeans are perfection! I have never been able to find the perfect pair. I must go hunting for some!

  10. ADORABLE outfits...and now I'm tempted to go search through the racks at GDub! : )

    You've got great style!!!

  11. LOVE your white jeans and the boots! Adorable.

  12. Denver G-Dub's must have ALL the good stuff, because mine have all the craptastic things. LOL Although, about a month ago I was hunting and scored a brand spankin' new rare Lilly Pulitzer dress (with tags!) that I sold on ebay for a small fortune. Still, our next trip to Denver is going to include lots of trips to G-Dub for me. LOVE your blog!!

  13. I'm so impressed. I just love those white jeans - and that striped J.Crew top? Awesome!

  14. You are gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE all of your outfits. The first outfit and your boots are some of my favorites.

    You work for Goodwill? That would be my dream job! How does it work as a PR person- do you get to go through the clothes at all? Do you get first dibs? :)

  15. I am loving the white jeans! I'm a little nervous about wearing them, but you make it look so easy! I love the idea of getting them 2nd hand!

    Great post!

  16. i think you are absolutely the cutest...and yes I too love your boots!!!!!

  17. You always have great outfits and I love the white jeans and the boots!

  18. hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm actually in the Springs. My kids actually LOVE GW and I'm hoping that they don't outgrow that too soon! I'm always selling at Denver summer markets (Paris St Mkt & Horseshoe Mkt), so come out and see me. -diane

  19. Awesome outfits!! I LOVE Goodwill!! A few years ago I found the perfect little black dress there. Cotton, Gap, strapless and it fits me perfectly. It's my go-to dress. Well, I went to an estate sale across town yesterday and thought I would stop in at the Goodwill store over there and whata ya know.....there hung the exact same dress in a beautiful summery blue! SCORE!! Took one look at the tag and it was my size, stripped it off the manequin and headed to the check out. Needless to say that made me a very happy woman!!

    New follower
    jenny @ Faith&Pearl

  20. Okay, you are gorgeous! Outfits 1-3 are my total favorites. Very casually classy. Love it!

  21. I guess it is officially undeniable that white jeans are in, and I'm going to have to cave and buy some.
    I'm also going to have to start referring to the Goodwill as GDub :)

  22. I think you did a STELLAR job copying that outfit - love it, and the striped top outfit too!

  23. You are fab-u-lous! The model has nothing on you - with the exception of the five inches of course. ; )

    Sometimes you and I are totally on the same wave length. I'll be wearing a black sequins mini dress over jeans in Vegas this week. We're hosting a party at a new swanky hotel, and I'll be wearing GW. How great is that. Party time!