Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

If you watch The Office then you know exactly who this son tried to wear this to joke.....I'm sure his Norwegian cousins are very jealous!!

Fact: Dwight Shrute is scary.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I had myself a little Zumba party for my birthday! It is like Chuck E. Cheese for adults with better music and less germs. We danced at my favorite studio Dance 2 Gather. It was so fun, they prepared a black light dance party that was AMAZING! If you haven't tried Zumba you really should. It is soo fun, the music is great, it will make you all sweaty, and you can work on your dance moves that you are too old to try out in a dance club. I am so lucky to have friends that are up for anything!!

A big thanks to Danyelle, Erica and Tawnya for such an amazing time! Those girls can shake it!!

Go on their facebook page and book your own Zumba party!!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Random Dee-core

My name is Dee...get it? Dee-core...I tell my husband all the time that puns are for lazy writers....guess that makes me lazy!

Halloween Banner

Stuff from the G-Dub that looks amazing when grouped together!

that baby is about to go to college...don't get me started...

I like a muted palette for Halloween as well...Goodwill is Good for Halloween!

Home Stories A2Z

Pickled Green Tomatoes

My bestie Lisa returned from a trip only to find that her cherry tomato plant had produced a million little green tomatoes. She went online and found a recipe on how to pickle them and that is how it all started. You can find it here:

First, since we were scared to poison everyone with botulism, we sterilized all of the glass jars and rings in the dishwasher....we had Chines food delivered to pass the time....

Then you peel a billion cloves of garlic....make sure you wash your hands with a stainless steal soap bar or you will smell disgusting, but at least the vampires will stay away.....

You fill the clean jars with the herbs and garlic then come the tomatoes...

Pour in the brine...

don't they look cute!
(can pickles look cute?)

Then you put them in a GIANT pot of water to boil...and in six weeks you can eat them! I guess I will let you know how they taste in about six weeks! *Our friend Ellen said, "Oh, just like my uncle Hymie used to make!" You know if someone named Hymie used to make them they must be good!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Banner

I put together some Halloween decorations for my entryway...

I gathered some photos of our Halloweens past and made a banner out of it...

just print out some Halloween photos of the kiddies onto regular 8.5X11 paper...I used Microsoft Publisher to create a triangle template so I know where the photo should go, then printed them out, used a regular old hole punch in the top corners, and strung the entire thing with ribbon..Viola!

Now my boys are well past the trick-or-treat age, but I love taking a walk down memory lane....those faces are so sweet!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It was the winter of his discontent...

I had to have neuropsych testing done recently, and basically it is an eight hour test that shows memory, reasoning, mental abilities and things like that. I was in two car accidents back to back (neither one my fault) and I'm still working on recovering. It turns out it is a veerrry slow process. *read about it here. So during one of the memory tests the doctor gives you a list of twelve words and you say them back until you have remembered all of the words. First of all I know what you are thinking.....Oh, I couldn't do that either! Well, you might be right about that but this story is about me so focus....moving on....While he is listing the words, I am trying sooo hard to remember them, he finishes and says, "Ok, now your turn, repeat them back to me." No problem! I start to think about the words, and this is THE ONLY THING IN MY HEAD....

It was the winter of his discontent.........What the &%^(@! Try again! Think harder!
It was the winter of his discontent....over and over and over...So I started to laugh because of the absurdity of it all....and the giggles turn into laughter which turned into guffaws which led right into hysteria then weeping.....excellent.... No! I have no idea where that came from!! I had to go home and Google it....turns out it is a part of a Shakespeare play...and yes the doctor asked me earlier about Hamlet so maybe that is where it came from...but still.....*the real quote is, Now is the winter of our discontent. Richard III

So when I was decorating for Halloween I thought of the perfect decoration.......Soooo remember "The Shining" when Jack is working on a novel in the snowy hotel and when his wife goes to read it all it says is, "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." Yeah its like that.

Scared yet? Me too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIWW Wednesday...The College Professor Loook

(You're Welcome....A little eye candy to get us started)

OK, you know how fashion bloggers write about fashion icons? Names like Audry Hepburn, Jackie O, Carrie Bradshaw .....well it turns out my fashion icon is a male law professor from the 1960's sans the pipe. I love tweed jackets and collect them from Goodwill like puppies from the pound. It is getting a little ridiculous. But hey that's just me. Oh and I like to throw some cowboy boots in the mix too, take that fashion police!!
Vintage Evan Picone (70's) (via Goodwill)
White T-Target
Target Skinnies
Joan and David Boots (via Goodwill)
Same outfit different jacket
Nanette Lepore (via Goodwill)....WHO gives this stuff away??
I love the back detail!

Sweater with Leather still my heart
American Living (via Goodwill)
Isaac Mizrahi Jacket (via Goodwill)
Michael Kors flats ( guessed it..the G-Dub)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day...Holiday Scents

I received a nice little package in the mail today from Mrs. Meyers....she is sooo thoughtful!
hmmmmm...interactive presentation....just like a little peek-n-see book that smells delicious!

Iowa Pine.....yum It's like a Christmas Tree that lasts forever and doesn't make a mess!

Cranberry smells really clean and light...

Orange Clove smells like simmering cider on the stove....

Spice Cake smells like a holiday home full of delicious baked goods...

here is a fun idea for the fall....
add a delicious scent to your holiday vignette....

looks what's smells soo good!

It makes cleaning for the holiday seem like fun!
You can find the new scents on the store shelves starting October 16!

Thank you to Mrs. Meyer's for the fun package!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Time Warp

Images from Far From Heaven...

Ok, I don't want the story line....just the outfits!

Is is weird that I want to live like this? My grandparents house was mid century modern so it seems so cozy to me. Yes, I want to dress like that, I want my friends to come to my front door dressed like that as well. That is why my bestie Lisa gave me a Mad Men party for my birthday. Do you think I could talk everyone I know to put on their crinolines and high heels? Probably not but I'm in!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pinterest.....yes please!

*I made these cute chicken pot pies because I like to make mini pies all day long...I couldn't wait for some cooler weather, and well it dropped 50 degrees today so I got my I'm re-thinking it.

Have you been sucked into the Pinterest rabbit hole? Ohhhh let me tell you I have. Come over and take a look. You can find me here:
if you need an invite let me know. Ok I have to go back and search Pumpkin recipes again.

RIP Steve Jobs

This just about says it all....Out of the mind of a genius.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Broke Girls Recap

Well first let me be the first to say that Two Broke Girls will most likely not make it to the end of the season. Worst.Show.Ever. But secondly lets just say that I picked up on the lingo. *no not the cursing in Spanish.

*Wednesday at the ' it...might steal it.
*If it's on the rack you must attack.....true, true.
*I have done, and will continue to do the $5.00 dance.

Terrible show...entertaining premise. That's my two cents anyway.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Broke Girls

There is this new CBS show Two Broke Girls.....they go shopping at Goodwill tonight...can't wait to see what they find!!