Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIWW Wednesday...The College Professor Loook

(You're Welcome....A little eye candy to get us started)

OK, you know how fashion bloggers write about fashion icons? Names like Audry Hepburn, Jackie O, Carrie Bradshaw .....well it turns out my fashion icon is a male law professor from the 1960's sans the pipe. I love tweed jackets and collect them from Goodwill like puppies from the pound. It is getting a little ridiculous. But hey that's just me. Oh and I like to throw some cowboy boots in the mix too, take that fashion police!!
Vintage Evan Picone (70's) (via Goodwill)
White T-Target
Target Skinnies
Joan and David Boots (via Goodwill)
Same outfit different jacket
Nanette Lepore (via Goodwill)....WHO gives this stuff away??
I love the back detail!

Sweater with Leather still my heart
American Living (via Goodwill)
Isaac Mizrahi Jacket (via Goodwill)
Michael Kors flats ( guessed it..the G-Dub)


  1. Who would want to give all those beautiful things away? You made perfect outfits out of them.

  2. Love the jackets and sweater!! That orange one is great!

  3. I'm so going over to your Goodwill sometime to shop with you!

  4. Oh my gosh, CUTE coats! LOVE them all!

  5. LOVE these looks! That Lepore jacket is TDF and I adore the sweater with the leather buckles.

    Think I can find one of those handsome fellas on the shelf at Goodwill? ;)

  6. What Goodwill are you hitting up girl?! You are totally scoring and look adorable.

  7. I love the Nanette Lepore one... so cute! You always find the best jackets and sweaters. :)

  8. love every outfit--i always wonder why in the world someone gives certain items away! oh well, their loss, my gain, right?

  9. i saw your second comment on my blog--that is hysterical! if it will ever get cool here, i can wear those famous boots!

  10. I just cannot believe you find such good clothing like that at GW! Ours is terrible!!!
    I will have to look at the jackets though next time I go!
    Thanks for stopping by, loved it!

  11. OMG, it's me. I'm the a-hole who gives the good stuff away. My Grandma died three years ago and I got a bunch of her clothes...I'm talking all designer jackets just like those you're wearing. But the thing is, I have NO fashion sense and didn't know what to pair them with. And besides, they all smelled like Benson and Hedges ciggies and L'Aire du Temps perfume (OLD LADY!). So, you're welcome, I guess. Damn. You look awesome though. Wish I could put outfits together like that!! Do you give lessons?

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    Love, love, love those jackets! I have found some really cute jackets at Goodwill, just not in my size. Working on working out more, maybe then I will be able to take some of the cute jackets home. ;)

    Although, I have found some other nice clothes in my size. Hoping to visit Goodwill more often this fall/winter!!

  13. I love your clothes this week! I'm so jealous of your fabulous finds!