Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fun in the Laundry Room!

I decided that I needed a shelf to go above my washer and dryer, so I would have more space to fold my laundry...(and to catch all that extra stuff that seems to get lost behind them)
So I asked my friend Keys to check out the situation......I bought a large sheet of maple at Home Depot, and had Keys cut it to size and install it over the washer and dryer. Oh and he painted it too! I like to come up with the projects and Keys works on them for me!
I found these cute knobs on-line a year or so ago.....since I spend half my day in the laundry room I might as well have something fun to look at.
I picked up this pewter dish on the thrift tour......the other containers I bought on my Goodwill don't have to spend a lot of money to look nice....but you already knew that.

Speaking of the GDub...look what else I cam across.....Oh yes, that is an Elfa drawer system from The Container Store...only I didn't pay the $99.00 retail price.....
I paid $6.99 at Goodwill....I love a good bargain!
I had Keys notch the wood out so that wouldn't stick out against the wall...
I looooove it!
It looked like this for about 5 seconds while I took the photos....then it was back to laundry piles and junk everywhere....I'll save you the visual.

Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets smell so good, just buy them to sit out and they will make everything smell delicious!
I "helped" put in the tile floors a few years ago. Another friend "Big Bill" showed me how to do it. But really he didn't want me to mess it up so he did most of it himself. Hey, whatever works!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Waist Jeans....

My niece and I wandered into an American Apparel Store the other day...I came across these jeans....they are priced at $80.00. When one wears these jeans it is important to go topless because the waistband will hit you just under your bra strap....ick..... I can save you $76.00 and send you to Goodwill where you can find entire racks of these 1990 Mom Jeans. Just try on a pair and see if you look like the SNL Mom Jeans Skit! Oh and if you happen to be over 22 all bets are off.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It takes a village to refinish a bench...

Take a peek at the bench I picked up at Goodwill on Leetsdale. I paid $19.99 because I could see beyond the grandma fabric. Then I put it in the garage for about five months so I could test my husband's patience.

not cute

What the whaaat?
"Hey honey...this-a-here bench aint very sturdy...Imma put some boards and what not unner this bad boy."
"Well don't forget to shove some foam unner there for good mezure!"

"You read my mine Lerline!"

That entire dysfunctional mess had to go!
So I had Norbert, (yes his real name) my favorite wood cutter at The Home Depot cut a piece of wood for me. Norbert is the first one to help me out. Then I had my next door neighbor Matt cut out the notches so it would fit. (If John Krasinski and Ashton Kutcher had a baby it would look just like Matt...FYI) So he is the second helping hand.....

needed a little wood glue and some screws to hold this mess together...

...which is where Keys comes in to help....

Looking better already! Time to spray her up!

I used a dark primer first......
I went out on a limb with this green first inclination would be to spray this black...but I have a bajillion pieces of black furniture, and we must live in the dustiest cul de sac in America, because I can dust my giant black kitchen table, turn around, and alllll the dust comes back! So green=hidden dust! Right?

Gooooo Green!

Furniture Feature Fridays

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sneaky Peaky

I have a post coming up about this adorable bench that I refinished recently. As I was photographing it I thought that I would show off my Hawkeye basket collection. More on the bench coming up!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Librarian Look

Was she just going to the grocery store? Where does one wear full length gloves...I don't know, but I swear I want to go with her!
According to Michael Kors and Banana Republic prim and proper is in for the fall. I don't know about you but I can hardly think about the fall right now, but the thought of cooler weather sounds good right about now. I LOVE this hot librarian look! I can't say that I dress like this, but I want to. I just don't really have anywhere to go that requires this amount of fabulousness. I need to work on that.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What size are you?

What size are you? Chances are that you can wear up to 4 different sizes. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you have to try some things on....uuurrrraaghhh! I know!! I also HATE to try things on...especially at the GDub where well I am convinced that some person is going to see my "Snow Day" underwear. *Side Note....Dear Old Navy, please package your underwear with the large graphics viewable in the package so I don't go home and realize that the adorable said underwear says "SNOW DAY" on my arse...... OK...where was I? Oh yeah, try on your stuff at the GDub so that you don't come home with clothing that wont work for you.

Notice in the photo on the top right...the pants are very close in size.....

The pants on the left are Ann Taylor 2P. Just so you know, and I hope not to burst any bubbles here, but Ann Taylor uses vanity sizing which means that you wear one number size smaller than you would in a regular department store. The pants on the left are Kenneth Cole size 8 regular. Well they both fit me and I normally wear a size 4. I will say that the 8's were a little big, but not as big as I would think they would be. (*Ok Catrina you can have the pants now. We bought them at our last GDub shop-athon but I asked her to give them to me to photograph.....) That being said, I once had to buy a pair of jeans in a mountain town due to freezing whether during the middle of only choice was WallllMart and I tried on a billion pair of jeans in one particular style and I ended up with a size 12. No, not a children's size 12...a ladies 12....I wouldn't have guessed that!

So put on your largest, least offensive pair of Snow Day underwear and try on those clothes ladies, you'll be glad you did!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guest Post... Yard Sale Mommy!

One adorable mommy? Why yes!

See I told you cowboy boots go with everything!

Garage Sales and Goodwill? You guessed it!

A giant thank you ma'am to Jen from Yard Sale Mommy! I would love to say that I'm at the beach and needed a guest poster buuut she is the one at the beach posting for me? hmmm...however that works....I'll take it!

Retail Therapy on the Cheap: Tips for Successful Thrift Store Fashion Hunting

I don't know about all you A Lotta Junk in my Trunk readers, but I love dressing up. Forget the frumpy sweatpants, the tired work out attire, and the occasional pajamas in the carpool line looks--they just aren't for me. No, give me hairbows and heels, pearls and perfume, and frills and frocks.

Although I love dressing up, I do NOT love the price tag that comes along with it. These days even buying a dress or nice top at Target will set you back at least $30.00, if not more. So what’s a frugal but fancy girl like me (and you) to do? Try shopping at the G Dub Boutique. You would be amazed at the beautiful, name brand clothes, shoes, and jewelry abandoned and on sale there for 75-90% off of retail prices (dresses, pants, and tops are less than $5.00 per piece). Here are a few tips for updating and upgrading your wardrobe at a thrift store:

Be prepared to dig a little.

To find a treasure, sometimes you have to reach deep into the treasure chest. If you have the time, sort through the bins of clothes and thumb through the hangers one by one. Don’t forget to check the racks of things not yet hung out for sale, too. Look in and next to the dressing rooms for items that caught the eye of others but did not work for them, but just might work for you.

Try things on.

Most thrift stores have a place to try on clothes, so even if you have to take the kids in the dressing room with you, it’s worth it. Often all sales are final, so you’ll want to make sure what you are buying will work before you take it home.

Select pieces based on color, fabric, or style, and not by size.

I always try on eye-catching clothes that are sizes larger and smaller than mine, because when buying second hand you never know which size will fit. Each store or brand label sizes their clothes differently, so while you might wear an 8 in one store, in another you may wear a 6 or 10. Additionally, previously washed and worn clothes are often a bit shrunken by the time they are donated, so it makes sense to buy them a size or two bigger. If you like the look of it on the hanger, why not see if you can make it work?

Shop the accessories.

Nothing breathes life into an old outfit like a new pair of shoes, a fun chunky belt, cute jewelry or an interesting handbag. Don’t neglect the accessory sections of your local thrift store to spruce up the clothes you already own.

Get creative. Consider simple alterations.

With a sewing machine and little sewing know-how, you can easily take in a dress that’s too large to fit you. Or, perhaps shorten a hem with no-sew tape. You might even consider turning a too-short dress into a tunic over jeans or leggings. Thinking outside the box when it comes to your thrift store fashion finds will keep your wardrobe updated and fun.

So next time you’re in the mood to spice up your Sunday wardrobe (or your Monday through Saturday wardrobe for that matter!) head over to your local Goodwill “boutique.” It’s retail therapy on the cheap!

Jen Wise is a mom of three girls who loves to be fashionable but hates to pay full price! You can follow more of her yard sale-ing, thrift store shoppping, ebaying adverntures over at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I LoveThrifting Denver Style

Three Goodwill stores in one day? Yes we did! Thank you so much to Rashon Carraway for bringing thrifting into our collective consciousness....AND it was half off day!!

Loui, Anne, me, Diana, Gina and Kath circled the wagons for some major thrifting!

Here we are in front of the Art section at the Goodwill on Leetsdale in the Cherry Creek Shopping District...

I greeted our shoppers with a cart full of cowboy boots, just in case anyone else was interested...'cause I'm thoughtful that way...

Next we headed to the Belleview store....along with about 400 hundred other thrift shoppers! We had to circle the parking lot 3 times to find a spot....we may or may not have parked a tiny bit questionable lips are sealed!

We met blogging buddies! (email me!)

and scored some MAJOR FINDS! Williams Sonoma Platter from the Leetsdale Goodwill
This vintage typesetters drawer came from the Belleview Goodwill! (Love it!)

Tony Lama boots from the Parker Goodwill. didn't think I would come home without another pair of boots did you?

I can't wait to thrift again next year! It will take us that long to recover!

A big thrifty hug to Mr.Goodwill Hunting for such a wonderful idea!

Friday, July 8, 2011

All Thrifty States

I had the privilege to meet with Jenna and her cute husband from the amazing project All Thrifty States. She is a journalist that lost her job in the newspaper industry, and started a project that would give her the opportunity to do something that she really loves....Thrifting!! She really is an inspiration, go check out her blog for more details. I felt a little sorry that she meet the notorious Denver Weather.....oh is a wonder anyone makes a second trip to the Mile High City! Man the lifeboats!

Showing off the Orange BCBG Pumps Vanessa (my GDub Boss) found and then I snagged...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Heart Thrifting!

Are you so excited about the big thrifting day? I am!! And guess will be half off day at Goodwill! Half off is basically free in Goodwill money!! Let me know if you're in!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Don't let me fly the plane....

My flying anxiety comes and goes...ok well it went away a for a few years following a car was really strange that I could fly with no real terror, but I couldn't remember what my car looked like. Turns out that was temporary, because I recently flew from my parents home in California to a layover in Las Vegas. Let's just say that an 11 seat airplane should be outlawed. It really was a white knuckle, hail Mary, wishing you had a parachute flight. Once I landed in Vegas I kissed the ground and asked my son if he would mind me renting a car, or even better just start walking home. (I like my feet planted firmly on the ground.)
So when my husband told me that a friend had somehow scored some time in the official United Airlines Flight Simulators I politely said no thank you.....I really did try to call around and get someone to fill my seat, but in the end I relented and figured that I shouldn't be such a baby and get it over with.
Let me explain to you that my 15 year old son is learning to drive, and I clench my teeth so hard when he is behind the wheel, that I couldn't eat solid food for two days. He was first in the pilot's seat. There is a flight instructor with you and he tells you what to do as you go...the funny thing is that my son didn't roll his eyes once with him telling him how to fly the plane! Basically it was a little terrifying but I got through it by closing my eyes. Son #2 went and things got a little better, but then it was my turn.
I was impressed that I was willing to give it a shot. For those of you that have flown into San Francisco know that you land about 4 inches away from the ocean. Ok maybe slightly more than 4 inches, but that is what it feels like. Since we lived there I have done more than my share of ocean/runway landings. I took off fine, things were good, then the flight instructor says we are flying UNDER the Golden Gate Bride.....he basically tells you to pull up, bump it down, the warnings go off if you get to close either way. I swear to you that it feels so real! I got through that harrowing experience and then I had to land the plane. Apparently the pressure got to me because in the middle of landing it, I just screamed, I can't doooo iiit!!! with my hands over my face in panic. Did you know that planes basically land themselves? Me neither, it was the smoothest landing of the day.
Then my husband killed us all by dumping us into the ocean with his attempt to get under the bridge. The flight simulator actually feels like you've crashed. He said it was a Sully move, I say we are swimming with the sharks.
I may be walking to my next vacation.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Now I see where I get it....

This is my Grandfather. I happen to love his middle name Noble. Love it. It seems as though it was through him that I inherited the love of cowboy boots and western attire.

These are my latest finds from the GDub. They didn't fit my dad so I kept them for myself. I just want to look at them for awhile, then I will probably put them on Ebay and cry when I put them in the mailbox. Who said love was rational.