Friday, February 25, 2011


Grab-N-Go Basket of things my son CAN eat.
Our sons were recently diagnosed with Eosiniphilic Esophagitis. Don't try to pronounce it.....AND NOT Google search it like I did yesterday. Basically it is an allergic reaction to food that effects your put him in the hospital this past November. Thank goodness my younger son is in remission because I don't know if I could handle two of them at the same time. I am lucky enough to have a good friend who is a dietitian who came up with a plan to help my son eat 4,000 calories a day while observing the list of things (a mile long) that he is allergic to. Fun things like corn, soy, dairy, whey, nuts......He is lucky...some kids with this condition are on a ZERO food diet. I am so thankful to have friends that can help us through this! Insurance does NOT cover dietitians OR the formula that kids have to rely on. I swear I am ready to march on Washington right about now!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mauve No More!

So...Did you hear Orange iz the shiz this Spring?
Before: Super Fugly Mauve Goodwill Lamps


Ooohh Orange..... I was a little afraid the color was too
"Plastic Home Depot Bucket Orange" but it is lovely!

Mauve No More! (Not bad for $3.00 Goodwill Lamps!)

Love it!
(I originally posted this last March,
because I can see future trends and whatnot.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WIWW G-Dub Half Off Edition

Lindsay over at The Pleated Poppy started "What I Wore Wednesdays" to hold herself accountable for getting out of the sweatpants and putting herself together during the week. So here is my attempt to keep it together and show you what amazing things you can find at Goodwill stores.

This past Saturday all of the merchandise in Goodwill was 50% off. I met up with Margie and hit the Parker and Belleview is what we found...

Hot Pink Old Navy Blazer G-Dub Saturday

White tuxedo button down G-Dub (previously)

Old Navy Skinnies G-Dub (previously)
Isaac Mizrahi Leopard Flats G-Dub Saturday

Anne Taylor Sweater G-Dub

Eddie Bauer Ruffle Shirt G-Dub

Lucky Jeans G-Dub

Torn up Men's Cowboy Boots G-Dub (Saturday)
This is what I wore shopping

White T-Old Navy

Sweater NY&CO

Lucky Jeans G-Dub

Cowboy Boots G-Dub

Ruffle Top NY&co.

Sweater Old Navy via G-Dub

Grey zip jeans Anne Taylor

Plaid Flats Target via G-Dub

Trying on the Goods after Shopping!

All G-Dub 1/2 off Saturday
You can find me here too!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Resort Wear

Do you remember yesterday when I mentioned that people do not donate one item at a time? Normally we wait until we have a huge bag of items that are headed for Goodwill. Well yesterday I came across this collection of high end resort wear all in size 4. Now I don't know where or when one could wear lavender leather pants in Denver, but if you can figure out the particulars they can be yours for $10.99 at the Goodwill Store on Belleview and Parker Road.
Then I started thinking last night....what else did Miss Size 4 donate? You won't know until you go in and look!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Whatcha' Missed

This past Saturday was 50% off everything at my favorite boutique called G-Dub. (that is Goodwill for the new readers)
I like to show you what you missed out on, because I'm mean AND I want you to try Goodwill for yourselves....Go already!!

A bin of cowboy heard me!! I was shopping with my friend Margie and she tipped me off to the bin being rolled is the sad part.....ALLLL of them were size 6 1/2. Tiniest feet ever. Dang it!!!

The Parker, Colorado store has AMAZING equestrian items! You are deep in horse country there and each Goodwill sells from items donated to that specific store.

Thrift store rule #6,759 People who donate normally donate in multiples. No one is going to drive to Goodwill and drop off a pair of boots, or a pair of jeans....realistically, people wait until they have a large donation and take it all at once....What does that mean for you? If you see something amazing in your size look for more...I once found 3 Brooks Brother shirts that way...I just kept looking for similar shirts in my size and someone bought three colors in Brooks Brothers. I bought them in G-Dub and saved myself a couple hundred dollars. cuz that how I roll.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why the gym is bad for your health

Ok so you know that the Girl Scouts have delivered my cookies by the truckload, and I in turn keep eating them, so I decided that I have to kick up my gym attendance. I Zumba like nobody's business but decided to do a "regular" class this morning. It was called "Fusion" and it said that it was 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of weight training, and 20 minutes of floor work. OK sign me up.
You know how when you enter a class for the first time and everyone has all of the paraphernalia strewn all about....ropes and pulleys, mats, some round disk things, weights, top-secret gadgety things.....I was trying to get all of this together without looking like a total moron.....let me interject by saying that I work out at a rec center during daylight hours so everyone there is in their mid 60's...moving on....
So the teacher comes in and says, "ok everyone hit the track!"....track? whaaat is that the cardio? I was thinking more along the lines of some great dance moves and techno music NOT running around a boring track....well here is where the story gets way LESS boring....
So we are doing these side-galloping sort of things and two members of the class tripped over each other and all h-e-double fishsticks breaks lose... so this lady in her mid 60's hits the ground HARD and so everyone stops and tries to figure out what to do...meanwhile she is yelling AAAAARRRRRRRGGHHHHH! and her husband says, "oh she's fine...." thanks sir, she looks fine.....(about yelling in public...I would rather poke my eyes out with a stick......even during labor......) so now I'm all nervous for her, because of the yelling part....our teacher is barking orders....get the management, call 9-1-1, her husband says "oh no she's fiiiiine.."
Then the teacher says everyone just do 2 laps and meet me in the class. So even though I think its a little weird that I'm running laps while a grandma is yelling ...'MY HIIIIIP!" I just get a runnin'. We go back to class, the teacher meets us there and starts saying, "ok now grab some weights, we're doing arms." Arms? What? I'm now too chicken to walk out because of all of the paraphernalia I unloaded around my I just start pumping iron with the rest of the sheep.....then my teacher starts to cry...booohooo-sobbing-snotty her Janet Jackson second to screaming in public, my number two fear is crying in I'm all sweaty and nervous for her and I am barely squelching the urge to make a run for it she runs out of the class sobbing but you can still hear her over the speakers because she didn't turn of her headset! I'm all good and sweaty just from the scene of it all! So this girl in the class decides to step forward and take over and says, "ok now let's do dead lifts" and proceeds to keep lifting...Whaaaaaa? Seriously? Am I being punked? I took that as my opportunity to get the heck out of dodge.

It's official...I'm sticking to Zumba from now on. It's better for my mental health.

*I think the lady is fine....well according to her very sympathetic husband anyway.

How to dress up your Girl Scout Cookies

Ok as you know by now I have a deisgn crush on Eddie Ross. I wouldn't say I'm a stalker, but I do follow him around the web a little bit. I don't think his boyfriend Jaithin has anything to worry about, our relationship is DESIGN based. So I was reading a post here:
about a little copper tray that he picked up his fabulous outing at a New York Flea Market, in his cute puffer jacket and burberry scarf. It looked like this:

Well as serendipity would have it, I was perusing my favorite botique, you know... Goodwill, in my lucky jeans and down parka and what did I happen upon? hmmmmmm........

This is the AFTER picture! I had to scrub that thing for-ev-er. Of course once again I did take a BEFORE picture withouth the card in the camera!! Canon will you please have an alarm go off if someone is taking pictures with no card in the camera! So here is Eddie's in all of its Rat Pack Glory!

Here's mine:

We're having family friendly martinis! Just use Sparkling Cider with Pom pomegranite juice! Delicious, good for you, the kids can have some, and it is a beautiful red color for valentines day!
Here is another way, for a fancy treat:

Girl Scout Cookies and milk anyone?
I'm telling you the best chocolate milk ever is shaken in a stainless steel martini shaker with ice. Try it!
Eddie would be so proud!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


That is me with The Mighty Casey...girl dog with a boy's name
I had a feeling that this sweater was Anthropologie when I picked it up at Goodwill, after a little research I confirmed that it was. It is "Cross Stitched Heart" brand from Anthro.
Jeans- black wash skinnies no brand -Goodwill
I look a little Sherlock Holmes here, I bought the coat during the ALT weekend on our thrift tour. I found it at an amazing vintage shop in Salt Lake City called Decades..

This is the G-Dub outfit that I wore to the Clothing Swap and Fashion Show featuring Mondo.

LBD - Vintage Talbots (I removed the HUGE shoulder pads) G-Dub

Broaches--Gathered on my Goodwill Travels through Denver
Leopard Tights -Target clearance

Boots-I can't remember, but I love them!!

Same night I added one of my MAJOR Goodwill scores.

Calvin Klein New with Tags Jacket Goodwill on Leetsdale in Denver.

A quick little Valentines Lunch with the hubz.
White button down Victoria Secret
Michael Kors Jeans-Goodwill
FAVORITE Red Cowgirl Boots -Goodwill

Ode to Lisa Leonard.....

It was 60 degrees in Denver yesterday!! I busted out my new Spring Sweater from Goodwill.

Sweater-Cabi (G-Dub)

Jeans-Gap Long and Lean (G-dub)

Beat Up Boots (G-Dub)

Join me at The Pleated Poppy to see what everyone else is wearing this week!
Here too!

***Denver Goodwill Stores 50% Off this Saturday February 19, I plan on shopping with Margie...wan't to join us?

I linked up with Jewelscapes too! click here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mondo Guerra

Photo Credit: Katie Tate from The Mannequin

Here is a photo of the adorable outfit Mondo Guerra put together from Goodwill pieces. He shopped at the Broadway store in Denver. Mondo is known for his beautifully paired color choices and the signature vest. A big thank you to Katie for the photo!
Here is a little snapshot of Mondo's work during Project Runway. Was anyone else alive in 1985? I distinctly remember this black/cobalt combination with buffalo checks...I swear I had a buffalo check bikini that year!

Monday, February 14, 2011

G-Dub Tour

I saw this logo on the Google homepage and I thought to myself....hmmm that doesn't say Goodwill.....Wow! Do I always have the G-Dub on the brain? The answer is yes.

On to my Goodwill Tour of 4160 South Broadway Englewood, CO 80113-4633. The store is really clean and nice on the inside, and the staff were very helpful and friendly. I met an employee there who was shopping on her day off! She was very sweet...
The media section was amazing! They have a great selection of books and records....(records are vintage devices that were used to hold music and other types of media......Google search it!)

What a great vintage Sunday Dress. I love it when I come across "Made in the USA" clothing. It is very hard to come by. Did you know that 95% off all American clothing is outsourced? 95%! That is sooo sad to me.
While I was browsing I came across this little dress/top thing, and thought, hmmm that looks familiar.......A quick search through the Lisa Leonard blog and there it was!!!

Look how adorable that is....I had to Love it and Leave it because I am so pasty white that I look like a ghost in that color....I have a tiny bit of "not buying it remorse" right now. Come over to to see what else Goodwill has in store!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I was at a Clothing Swap and Fashion show hosted by Goodwill last night...
Mondo was there to wow the audience, and present a clothing re-design of a Goodwill outfit.
He was kind enough to sign a trillion autographs and take photos with his multitude of fans.

I snapped a quick photo of my friend Wendy's daughter..soo cute...

Mondo AND cupcakes? Big night!! The red velvet was tremendous!
Massages too?

(I was a little weak in the knees)
I would love to show you the items I got...buuuut since I was working there I didn't have a chance to take my 10 items....that's ok it was CRAZY!

I noticed Chloe from The Chloe Conspiracy from across the room. She is soo adorable on her blog AND in person! I knew she lived in Denver, but it is so weird so see a blogger in person! (I guess I thought she only lives in my computer...) I got all befuddled and said..."Hey are you a blogger?" (my mind went blank and I could NOT remember her name for the life of me!) "I read your blog every day!" She was very sweet, especially to some crazy person that says they read your blog every day but doesn't know your name or your blog's name. Awkward move on my part!! Turns out her husband was lost in the sea of women.....yikes!
It was soo much fun...and a little crazy all at the same time!