Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can you do a garden wedding for under $500.00?

EVERYTHING is from Goodwill...Dresses, Suits, Childrens' Clothes, Bouquets, Serving Pieces, Furniture....EVERYTHING! Yes, even my outfit! You can too, if you shop at Goodwill! I was on 9News here in Denver showing how to put together a beautiful wedding for under $500.00, wedding dress included!

This is kind of a long segment, but it shows the amazing finds from my favorite store The G-Dub!

Royal Wedding 9News Style

9News challenged Goodwill to create a Royal Wedding in 3 weeks and under $500.00, just to see what we are made of. No one actually got married. The weather reporter "married" the entertainment reporter. I styled the wedding from all of the attire for each person down to the high tea reception. That is what I've been working on for the past few weeks!

I'm happy to report that we came through with $29.00 to spare!! Most of the tabletop items came from the Belleview Store, if you see me there say hello!

With homage to the Royal Wedding we put together an afternoon High Tea, with

EVERY PIECE from local Denver Goodwill Stores.

This rolling tea cart proudly displayed vintage champagne glasses along with a silver champagne bucket and a cheeky wedding sign in a silver frame.

Try to guess how much I spent on the dress.....guess........$50.00! SEALED IN THE BOX! It really looked beautiful. (You can find it soon at the Broadway and Archer store.)

Kim Christiansen looked stunning in an outfit from Goodwill on Leetsdale.

(It's back in the store now! Hurry and see if you can grab it!!)

Awwwww! Look how adorable the ring "barrior" and flower girl are! I spent less than $30.00 to dress them both! That includes the basket AND the pillow!! Kids grow out of formal wear faster than you can keep up! Re-donate and pick up a larger size!

Here we are with Marc Koebrich, and the most well behaved children on the planet! TaRhonda is pregnant and looking incredible in this non-maternity dress for $8.99. Yes! She is a tall beauty!

Whew! We did it! I can't wait for you to see the actual piece! Tune in today to 9News at 4 o'clock to see how we pulled it off! (you can stream it live on

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something to think about....

Thrift Store Confidential has a very interesting post this morning. A Michigan Senator has proposed budget cuts that would require foster families to shop at thrift stores for their children's clothing using vouchers. Read the full article here:!5795155/mich-lawmakers-plan-requires-fosters-kids-to-shop-at-thrift-stores

Democrat or Republican this type of mandate seems demeaning and punitive to me. I love Goodwill, dress myself, and my children from thrift stores and I am proud of it. However I am not required to shop there from my state representative. Yes, I do think you can buy current, name brand, affordable clothing at thrift stores....but should you have to? Would you feel the same if he suggested Old Navy or the 70% off clearance rack at Kohls? I don't know.


The Royal Wedding

Will you watch the Royal Wedding? I will! (no I'm not going to watch it live...)
I've been up to my eyeballs in Goodwill wedding details for a media wedding I am styling for a local news program. We tape it tomorrow and I will post it when it runs!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Decorating with Lisa from Popcorn Served Daily!

Meet Lisa......she is another GDub addict. I thought that you would love to drool over her amazing Goodwill finds! This hutch is named "Eve", she is done up all fancy for Easter....seriously....don't you want to meet the person that names her furniture? Meeee tooo!

It makes you want to grab your keys and get going to the Dub! You have to read her blog!! She is adorable, and is on a tour of Goodwill stores throughout the US.....I wonder if she has room in the shotgun position?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIWW My car stops at Goodwill and Target

While looking for picture of What I Wore this week I realized that I don't really need to break down what I was wearing in each picture. It's easy really:Goodwill, Target or Target stuff I bought at Goodwill. There you go. Speaking of the GDub, I have been working on a project for them that is fun, but I'll be happy when it is finished...stay tuned for the details!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Think outside the basket this Easter...

Plastic Easter Baskets are fine, but wouldn't it be more fun to experiment a little?


Very Humble Begininnings

I picked up some treasures at Goodwill and created a colorful tablescape!

I forgot to take a before picture of the largest was black and gold...I picked up some English Botanical tea cups, and New In The Package Easter grass, and a new with tags Easter Bunny to fill it up.
Leave the doors of the birdcage open so the Easter Bunny can come and go.....ever since my son read "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou he has had an aversion to anything caged. Yes he is a deep thinker.

Ahhh Easter Goodies....see the tag on the bunny? Brand New from Target via GDub

Next I bought ranunculus at Lowe's and hid the small pot with shredded paper Easter grass.

Added a pair of new gardening gloves and a dark chocolate bunny.....yummmm


These are going on the dining room table....stay tuned for the tablescape all finished!

*The pear branches are real and let me tell you they smell terrrribblllle! I took them out right after the photo shoot! Go faux for the branches.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vintage Luggage

I found this great piece of vintage Samsonite Luggage the other day at Goodwill. I think it was priced at $8.99 *I decided to love it and leave it... Some time ago I heard that the company was originally started in Denver by the Shwayder brothers. I only know this because my boys went to Shwayder Camp when they were younger and I know that the Shwayder family is still active in the Denver community. It was interesting to come across a vintage piece with the original tag that says. Shwayder Brothers, Denver Colorado.....hmmmm this piece didn't make it far from home. What have you found lately?
I'm linking up here:

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just drive us to the old folks home...

Today is my husband's birthday.....he is 46 going on 96 in this photo.
(He was doing a commercial here and is wearing professional makeup.)
However when he told me that all he wanted was an electric can opener for his birthday I thought that maybe that old man make up and scarred him somehow. Electric.can.opener. oy.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aunt Peaches

I LOVE Aunt Peaches, not only is she creative, her blog is full of eccentric characters that rival my own. (too many of mine are still around so I can't blog about them...booo)

Well not only do I love her, it turns out Ballard Designs loves her as well....You be the judge!!! UUUmmmmmmm! Copy Caaaat!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIWW White Jeans Re-Mix

I copied Katie from Running on Happiness... I loved this outfit so much I decided to Thrift It!

Ok so I'm 20 years older and 5 inches shorter.....but still...

Lucky Brand Denim Shirt (Goodwill or the GDub as I like to call it!)
White Kenneth Cole Jeans (Goodwill $5.99 1/10th the retail price!)
Silpada Belt- Party.....can you say pricey?!
Black Studded Shoes (Target via Goodwill)

J Crew Breton Shirt (Goodwill)
Kenneth Cole Jeans (Goodwill)
Shoes (Goodwill)

Threw on a sequins top (Goodwill) and a blazer(?).

Same Jeans
Throw on a T-shirt
Sequins Converse (Target then I saw them at the Dub!) take the doggie for a little walk.

(making a commercial)
That is my HUSBAND! After 4 hours of makeup making him into an old man! YIKES!! This is what I have to look forward (all of his old man fabulous clothing from Goodwill!)

Oh man I love these boots soooo much! (GDub)
Michael Kors Jeans (Goodwill)

I was shopping (I work for the PR Department) for a news segment on the Royal Wedding so I dressed a little British Queen Mum here with pearls, and tweed cropped pants and ballet slipper pumps......all GDub of course.....

love these boots.

Mother of the Year

It was easy...homemade chocolate chip cookies,(I use half white whole wheat and half all purpose flour) and the box of cereal my younger son has been asking to try (but I have forgotten to buy it for weeks). Well it all came together for me. However, I almost lost the title last night when they noticed the broccoli lurking in the pasta dish, so we'll see how this all plays out for me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Beach Blanket Bozo

We had a beautiful sunny day in Florida so we hit the beach. I'm hanging out, lounging, you know, your basic beach stuff. I notice that the ruffle on the front of my tankini bottoms is not quite as I look further I realize that my bottoms are on inside-out.....ok that in itself is a little troublesome.... but then it hits me..........Ohhhh laaawwwd please don't have that white lining in the crotchical region of this bathing suit in full view for all so see! Then what??!! I've been walking around with the white lining thing all flailling about in the wind all day...come on!.... So I had to do the very discrete la..laaa..laaa, I'm just going to look for something in the sand and do a quick check of the nethers........Alas no lining hanging out.....whew! And then my friend says, "are those tags hanging out the back of your suit?" "Why yes they are, please take a picture so I can blog about it."

And here we are.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What $99 and a truck will get you...

I love this but have nowhere to put it! Aaaaggghhhh! I hate that. If it is still there today should I buy it and hope to find a spot? $99.00? That is almost free....(in my math anyway.)