Thursday, April 14, 2011

Aunt Peaches

I LOVE Aunt Peaches, not only is she creative, her blog is full of eccentric characters that rival my own. (too many of mine are still around so I can't blog about them...booo)

Well not only do I love her, it turns out Ballard Designs loves her as well....You be the judge!!! UUUmmmmmmm! Copy Caaaat!


  1. Lady, you are so crazy! I'm flattered to think the folks at Ballard copied something of mine, but alas, I'm pretty sure they came to it on their own, because really, doesn't everyone want flower hair? I sure do. Thanks for pointing this out. I feel like a movie star :)

    PS: Happy Passover! You can come over to my house anytime. Egg Dying or egg roasting, we will have a ball (HELLO four cups of wine) Next year in Jerusalem!

  2. interesting! What's funny is that the sole reason that I get a Ballard's catalog in the mail is to COPY their ideas for my own home! -diane