Friday, April 15, 2011

Just drive us to the old folks home...

Today is my husband's birthday.....he is 46 going on 96 in this photo.
(He was doing a commercial here and is wearing professional makeup.)
However when he told me that all he wanted was an electric can opener for his birthday I thought that maybe that old man make up and scarred him somehow. Electric.can.opener. oy.


  1. Tell the old man Happy Birthday from us!

  2. If that's all he wants, get it for him! A brand new one. Then every year in the future give him one from Gdub as a backup. What does he use that comes in cans? Skoal? anchovies?

  3. Love your blog! I'm a thrifter and a Gdub shopper. I'll be back. Annmarie

  4. I never made the link between you and Drew until I saw this picture and then saw his ad on TV. Now it all comes together. Keep writing = such a great blog.