Thursday, March 29, 2012

Closet Re-do Part Two

Starting from the beginning, this is my closet.  If I stand in the middle I can almost touch both walls.  It is long and narrow.
Behind the black mirror is this door that leads into the attic.  I looked inside to see if there was space to expand the closet.  The ceilings were only seven feet tall, so once you put in a floor and ceiling it wouldn't be tall enough to be very functional.  Dang it.
 I screwed that door back on to keep the scary things in the attic, and try not to think about what could be hiding behind that little door in the middle of the night.

Is this too many boots? I don't think so either. Yes the Uggs got donated to Goodwill.
Here is where the boots are going.
But before you start loading in the boots, you can take some old magazines and roll them up.
The slide the rolled up magazine into your boots to keep their shape and stay upright on the shelf.
Loook how pretty this looks!
I grew up in earthquake country so I bolted the boot shelf to the wall. No we don't have earthquakes in Denver, but better safe than sorry!
How's that for a $15.00 bookcase, some spray paint and A Lot of Goodwill cowboy and riding boots!
YES, ALL of the boots came from various Goodwill stores all around the Denver area.
I did leave some for you!
 (Well if you don't wear a 7.5)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to my Boot Storage Part One

It is Spring Break and I have been clearing out my closet. The pile of boots with nowhere to go was getting on my nerves so I headed to Goodwill to make some magic happen.
Very humble beginnings, you know your basic faux wood bookcase.  
This one weighs two tons for some reason.
It was half off day so I paid $15.00 bucks. Ok a little pricey for the GDub, but seriously could you find a new one for under $75.00?  I think not.
I gathered up my supplies, mis-matched gloves.  I have another pair somewhere just like it.
De-gloss that baby.  Hey don't worry about that back corner coming off because...
HiiiiiYaaah! One swift kick and the back came right off.  Just the way I wanted it.
Prime that right up.
Here she is inside my closet just waiting for the cowboy boot collection....stay tuned for more closet re-do tomorrow!

Spring Cleaning

I have been on a roll! I cleaned out my closet and took three bags of stuff to Goodwill! OK, ok to all my friends and family, DO NOT WORRY I have stacks of clothing left for you to go through. I just donated things that no longer fit, never really fit, are waaay out of style, I must have been deranged when I bought them...etc. I donated a ton of stuffed animals from my two sons. They were in a toy chest. My sons are teenagers...what in heavens name took me soo long? It is Spring Break and time to Spring Clean when no one is around to stop me!!!! What have you donated to Goodwill lately? Am I wearing it?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

What is your idea of celebrity?

We all have our idea of celebrity.  It might be a sports star, a television actress, a famous writer, or the girl that made that cool suitcase table that was featured on Design Sponge.
 I met her!

Eeeeee!  I had coffee with Ashley a vintage aficionado, blogger, and all around delightful person.  I feel like we are the wonder twins!   We spent the time telling thrift stories, comparing major scores, and threw in some disgusting thrift stories I will not be sharing here.

She found a beautiful vintage Victor Costa velvet dress, and I found yet another bar cart at Goodwill on Hampden and Iliff.

(and some cute pink pumps, a vintage blouse with a know the basic thrift haul.)

I can't wait for some further collaboration on my blog.  The girl knows her vintage!!  You can find her blogging at and she has an adorable Etsy shop called Dingaling Vintage.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm having Deja Blue! This post is from 1 year ago...

This is weird! Last year on March 23, 2011 I posted this. Basically this is what Deja Blue is. Goodwill in a pretty package with prices that are still amazing! DB is for the shopper who needs a little merchandising! I loooove the store but I love the hunt. So watch out because I am still shopping at my favorite Goodwill stores. Please remember that merchandise is NOT being "taken" from your favorite store. DB is hand selecting merchandise from our warehouse. I saw it with my own two eyes. Picture those GIANT blue bins filled to the top with donated clothing and our amazing employees looking each piece over, hanging them up, and presenting them to you in a new location. That is all. Try BOTH stores. The each have something unique to offer!
image from California Closets

I think if Goodwill looked like this people more would want to shop there. Duh....(I have two teenage boys...this is where my vocabulary comes from)...moving on...

Goodwill has Armani for $6.00 because it looks Goodwill. But that's what makes it sooo fun! I will tell you that I would have a field day in there with some laundry equipment and my fancy iron!!!! I dream of cleaning that joint up!! How could I do that while maintaining the $3.49 that I just paid for the Nordstom Spring Jacket...I'll think about that and get back to you.

The other day while I was taking photographs of lovely Easter outfits for children, a man rammed my cart because it was in his way. Rammed it. I was a little startled but not really, 'cause I was at the 'Dub. It was actually much nicer than the time a scary looking guy was holding an ice pick that he had just found in the housewares section. You know how when you see a scary guy holding an ice pick you try to memorize his features so you can tell the cops later? Yeah like that. Don't worry mom I hid behind some giant man that looked relatively safe. Goodwill is entertaining to say the least! (I watch a lot of 48 Hour Mystery on the ID channel.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Deja Blue

I am going to avoid opening day at Deja Blue, but I will be there shopping next week. Watch out wallet!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Goodwill Store Deja Blue to open in Cherry Creek!

 A HUGE thank you to Penny Parker and the Denver Post for the great article about the new Goodwill concept store Deja Blue opening this Saturday in Cherry Creek! I got a sneak peak of the merchandise when we sat down with Penny to chat about all of the amazing curated items in the new Deja Blue Collection.
The prices are really amazing! Think Goodwill prices with a hand picked collection! We are really proud of the new Concept and I'm sure I will see you there.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIWW Pattern Mixing

I have a friend named Julie that used to mix her metaphors. For example she would say, I need to be careful, I have been spending money like a fish! Mixing Patterns is really in style, but if you aren't careful you will look like you got dressed in the dark. Only some high fashion bloggers can pull it off. The rest of us just look confused. I like to mix plaids, tweeds, and ginghams, but that is because I like to dress like I'm a man on Downton Abbey. Hey it works for me.
This is my uniform: Blazer (I collect them like puppies, so I have to wear one every day)
Maybe a sweater underneath....It's COLD in Denver still
White or Black T-shirt (Target)
Skinny Jeans (Target style #6 Skinny) via Target but I find them at Goodwill too!
Riding Boots via Goodwill...I own WAY too many to count. ( I don't want to know how many I have)
Then I just vary the theme
Blazer Ralph Lauren Goodwill
Grandpa Sweater Target
TShirt Target
Leggings Target
Boots Nordstrom brand from Goodwill
This is where I mixed my patterns but it was subtle and it looked cute.
Blazer JCrew via Goodwill
Plaid Shirt Abercrombie boys via Goodwill
Jeans Tar-jay of course
Boots via Goodwill

Monday, March 5, 2012

Eggs, God, and Store Brand Cold Medicine

You know how God sometimes smacks you right in the head, well I got smacked while making eggs.

It started out easily enough.  My girlfriend is going through medical treatment that has left her sick and exhausted.  Let me mention that she has five children.  Yes five of them.  Here is the good news, only four are left at home. (heehheee)  Anywhoooo so she is sick and telling us at breakfast the other day that her husband and children have been less than helpful. So ME in my infinite wisdom says, "Oh well you need to ask your husband and kids to help.  You can't let them run you ragged like that!!!"

I brought dinner and snacks over to her house a few days later in hopes that the kids could find something to eat on their own. (They are elementary to high school age so they are capable of helping themselves.)
I came across this idea on Pinterest. (follow me here!) Cute huh? Here is the link to the blog post. 
It makes you want to buy some off brand Tupperware doesn't it?

Ok so now fast-forward a few days and the flu is making its way through OUR house.  First my younger son gets it, then the older one, and then I got it.  (Here comes the for it...)  So I did have time to make some chicken soup before I got sick so that was good.  Buuut then I am in bed, sick as a dog and I finally make it downstairs to get something to drink and my son says, "Will you make me some eggs?"  I feel bad for him because he is sick too and he hasn't eaten in a few days, so I start to make the eggs.  I look around and my darling husband comes around the corner, and just as I am about to ask him to take over for me he says,  "Oh, eggs, great!  Will you make me some?"  (he also asked me to pick up my son's car that was in the shop.  *Newsflash* the driver of said car and I were both sick.  yes of course I did it) *I had been sick in bed for two days, so NO there is no way that my husband did not know I was sick.

That was God smacking me in the head.

Don't give out lame advice, even if it sounds reasonable at the time.  Everyone knows a mom's arms could fall off and she would somehow carry laundry upstairs on her head.  I sound a little bitter, let's pretend it's the store brand daytime flu medicine talking.

I'm linking to Courtney and Kimberly's blogs Pinning!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Downton Abbey Cleaning Silver

My friend Carlyn hosts a beautiful ladies tea in her home every month with her beautiful tea service so I asked her to teach me how to polish Goodwill silver. As you know I love Downton Abbey so this gives me something to do while the show is on hiatus. Sighhhh.