Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Welcome to my Boot Storage Part One

It is Spring Break and I have been clearing out my closet. The pile of boots with nowhere to go was getting on my nerves so I headed to Goodwill to make some magic happen.
Very humble beginnings, you know your basic faux wood bookcase.  
This one weighs two tons for some reason.
It was half off day so I paid $15.00 bucks. Ok a little pricey for the GDub, but seriously could you find a new one for under $75.00?  I think not.
I gathered up my supplies, mis-matched gloves.  I have another pair somewhere just like it.
De-gloss that baby.  Hey don't worry about that back corner coming off because...
HiiiiiYaaah! One swift kick and the back came right off.  Just the way I wanted it.
Prime that right up.
Here she is inside my closet just waiting for the cowboy boot collection....stay tuned for more closet re-do tomorrow!

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