Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodwill Boutique Day 3

The price tag says $6.99 but the DRESS was 50% off on Saturday at the Goodwill.
Three dollars and fifty cents?



is she? (her outfit is pretty cute too!)
Click below to see the other outfits we picked up!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodwill Glamour Day Two

Khaki Levi Jacket $4.50 (half off sale)White Eyelet Forever 21 Dress $3.00
Lace up Suede Boots Originally $10.99 (I paid $5.50)
Altogether Cuteness
She wasn't having nearly the amount of fun I was having. "It was toooo hooooott foooorrr thiiisssss jaaaacket!"

Back to School with the G-Dub!

My niece came to visit this past week and I introduced her to my favorite store. I was so excited to tell her that the G-Dub had a half off everything sale and 99 cent jeans on Saturday. She was thrilled and then said, "Yay! What is the G-Dub?" I told her to just let me show her and luckily she was game.

She even agreed to try things for that cute dress on top in tomorrow's post!
Ruffle Black Top $2.00 (with the sale) Industrial Cotton Jeans 99 cents!

The cutest $3.00 outfit ever!!
Want to see more? Watch for a new outfit each day this week! I made the world cuter this week!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Table for 24 please....

I picked up another table setting for eight. This is my favorite basket weave pattern. I've been scouting the G-Dub forever for these dishes to add to my collection. I'm telling you Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, (and shop at the G-Dub!) Hurry go see what you can find!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Will Hunting...

You know I love the $19.99.
For a vintage rolling cooler? What?! Needs a new paint job.
Icckkkky Color...

Cleaned her right up...

Bottle opener....with something written on it that I can't make out....
Does it say Royal Crown? I haven't had a Royal Crown soda since we had lunch at "Pond Store" when I was a kid.

Wait that is an "F" Something...Ford?..... Frosted? maybe ....hmmm

All shiny and adorable in her Brushed Nickle paint job!!!

Fill 'er up!

Cute spout to fill my watering can.....

A cute enamelware ladle to scoop up some Sonic Ice.....Did you know that Sonic sells bagged ice? I love it.......If only they delivered.....
I LOVE Good Will Hunting.....Don't you?

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