Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm a love 'em and leave 'em kinda girl.....

Well I am now anyway......I have to start leaving things can only take home so many items before your loved ones threaten to call my favorite show Hoarders.....

I have quite the apron collection.....

So I had to leave this adorable apron and groovy smock at the G-Dub for someone to bring home and love.......At least I can gaze lovingly at the pictures....

Seriously how cute are those two?

This is why I have gray hair

My son is the one with the yellow gloves.....I could have sworn I said "NO SPARRING!" to my husband when they went to the boxing gym.....hmmmmm it is hard to hide the evidence when you post it on you tube.....

YES, he is the one who was sick in the hospital a few weeks ago, and now is battling a major strep infection....that is where I've been this past week...worrying and taking him back and forth to the doctor! (Instant replay of me in high school by the way....that is sooo weird!)

Yes parenting gets waaaaay easier the older they get....who thinks of their baby in a boxing ring....(well if you would have seen him as a two year old then it really isn't a stretch!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

How To...

First things first...when it comes to thrifting, buy what you like buuuut....if you are Certain that it is dry clean only, and you don't want to spend the cash leave it. I don't like the idea of dry cleaning chemicals so I wash it in my washing machine and hope for the best. Let me tell you that I have been Very Successful in washing thrifted clothing on delicate and then hanging things to dry....and my favorite part...Ironing! I love to joke.

But here are my recommendations for d-skunking-your-junk....

1. If it is at all too skunky DON'T BUY IT!....unless it is a Dale of Norway Sweater that maybe is from a smoker's home then dangle it out of the window while you drive home.....then wash it in Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena and add a cup of Lemon Vodka to the heard me.

2. If it is a Barganza and you can afford to risk it.....use your washing machine on delicate, use Mrs. Meyers in cold water, hang to dry to lay flat. I washed a Ralph Lauren 100% Wool Camel Coat this way and it turned out beautifully.

3. Buy gently used items that appear to be well cared for....self explanatory.

4. Buy yourself some Citrus Vodka and a spray bottle....take a swig if you feel like it, but I'm talking about gently washing an item and spritzing it with citrus vodka (or rubbing alcohol...same theory but not as fun)to sanitize it....that's what vintage clothiers recommend.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Alt Summit

I've been at ALT Summit this week and it has been a blast! Jeni (my G-Dub boss) and I have taken Salt Lake City by storm! We've been blog stalking our favorite bloggers...Oh yeah we saw Dooce, Mighty Girl, NieNie, the works! I took some photography and Photoshop classes, ate my body weight in snacks and had quick tour of Bringham Youngs old stomping grounds by a nice cabdriver (he has a blog too you know, who doesn't?!)
Be back shopping the G-Dub next week!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIWW Sweater Dressing

You may have seen this outfit already, I linked up with A Thrifty LA Life with it last week....
Meeting my boss for a Goodwill Lunch
HalfTees- Half Tee (best tshirts EVER)
Sweater Dress (The Gap/ Goodwill)
Vintage Slip Peeeking Out (Goodwill)
Tights/Boot-socks (Kohls
Boots/ Steve Madden Zappos
I could use a little more junk in my trunk....

Son's Birthday Lunch (SmashBurger)
Brown Sweater Dress (Goodwill)
Tights (Kohls)
Boots (Goodwill)

Long Coat (MixIT ? Goodwill)
Lucky Jeans (Goodwill)
Red Boots (Goodwill)
un-cuffed jeans
Rockin the Lisa Leonard Cuff!!
I decided it makes me look short...I know I AM short...but this makes me look even short-er! But I love the Lisa Leonard look!!

Jeans Old Navy
Worn In Boots (Goodwill)
Sweater -----Well it is Goodwill all right....I loved the knock off Anthro look so I brought it home, when I took the tags off to wash it I noticed it was.......No not Anthropologie.....
It was from the "That's So Raven" collection
Whaaaaa? Yes I bought a child's sweater designed by a former child actor....yes the Disney Channel. Now do you see how short I am!!!
I still like it but I feel a little Prince ala Purple Rain in it!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What'cha Missed

So here's what'cha missed at the Goodwill 50% off sale on Saturday...

LBD cute...

You know how much I love white parkas!
Bisou Bisou
Michael heard me...


Are you going to give it a shot? I think you should!!

Michael Kors $7.50

Come on!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashionable Friday

Look Ma no cleavage!

I picked up this cute sweater dress at the G-Dub in Parker the other day when we went on our thrift tour. It is from The Gap. I put a little vintage slip underneath with juuuust a little lace peeking out the bottom. G-dub of course!! Tights-Kohls
Boot Socks Kohls
Steve Madden Boots Zappos

The black under shirt is from a company called "Half Tees". You can layer a t-shirt underneath for extra coverage without all of the bulk. It's half of a t-shirt. I LOVE them. I bought short and long sleeve ones in both black and white. Go check them out!!

Use the code NIENIE for 20% off at checkout.....I highly recommend them for a little cleavage coverage!!

Linking up with A Thrifty LA Life! Go say hello to the other thrifters!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aunt Peaches

Do you know Aunt Peaches? No she isn't my Aunt Peaches, she is my friend Aunt Peaches...I do however have an Aunt Charlie (but I digress) .. Look at those adorable shoes she made....Oh where did she get the shoes?.....G-Dub where else?!
She mentioned me today on her blog (whhhheeeeee!) we are so tight. Go tell her how cute those shoes are....go on I'll wait here....

WIWW Staying Warm Edition

Hanging around the house...
Sweater Moda International (Goodwill)
White T (Target)
My Favorite Skinny Jeans (Old Navy/Goodwill)
Tecnica Boots (Small Consignment Shop) MUST have in chilly Denver!

Baseball Meeting (that I forgot to go to-no joke)

Tweed Car Coat Herve Benard (Goodwill)

Black Ruffle Shrirt Eddie Bauer (Goodwill)

Black Cropped Pant (NY&CO)

Black Boots ?? (a few years old)

Cleaning out the Closet Outfit

Colorado Company Sweater (Goodwill)

Fave Skinny Jeans (Old Navy/Goodwill)

Tecnica Boots (Yes I wear them in the house)

How the heck do you do that bathroom mirror picture thing? I'm sticking with my tripod and the remote control!

Go to The Pleated Poppy to see what everyone else is wearing this week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Scape

See how much nicer my "snow scape" front porch looks like with actual snow on it! We went from a brown Christmas to a snow delay this morning. Ahhhh snow! I looooove it!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodwill Top 10 of 2010

This post is a shout out to Anonymous! I have been neglecting this blog. Catch me here! (Personal Blog) (Goodwill Industries)