Monday, April 30, 2012

Wiggle With Me!

My little friend Brooks is doing a Bar Mitzvah project.  He love, love, loves the Wiggles!  He is a very courageous young man that wants to share his love with the patients at the Shriner's Hospital Network.  In the Jewish tradition he is doing a Mitzvah (commandment or "blessing") to help other children that are being cared for in the hospital.  I found a used DVD in Goodwill that I will clean up, make sure it works, and send on over to him.  As I was looking through for more Wiggles DVDs I noticed that the top three searches came up with Goodwill stores across the US.  What a great way to share in such a blessing for Brooks, and the large population of people that Goodwill serves across the US.  Win Win. 
If your kids have outgrown their Wiggles DVD's or you would like to donate to Brooks' project you can email me at and I will send you in the right direction!


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Here is the link to the original pin.  Make you home smell like Williams Sonoma!
I made a few additions to the original.
 I used delicious Rodelle Vanilla, made right here in Colorado, organic rosemary, and lemons.
 Here is the NEW and IMPROVED part. You are going to need a hammer.
 In order to release the oils in the rosemary and lemon, you really need to smash it up! 
 Start your hammers ladies!
 I think two teaspoons of vanilla works best.  AND ONE drop of Peppermint oil.  ONE drop.  I don't know how or why it makes a difference, but it really does.  It smells clean and delicious.
I know this part is hard to believe but I picked up this Le Cruset pan at Goodwill.  I actually found two pans and a large frying pan.  I bought the two pots, but left the pan.  Let me tell you something.  They weigh a TON!  
Viola!  A delicious smelling home, with the scent of Williams Sonoma in a Goodwill cooking vessel.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Power of Work

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Goodwill's Power of Work Luncheon.  I wish that every Goodwill shopper and donater could have been there to witness Goodwill's far reaching benefits.  I learned a lot more about Goodwill's programs in the Denver area.  I love to shop at Goodwill (clearly), and I donate there as well.  But like most of us I don't really think about where the money really goes.  It goes to helping real people make real changes in their lives through the Power of Work.  I recognized some of the awards recipients from shopping at all of the stores in the area.  Goodwill employees 1,200 people in the Denver area and helps thousands more get jobs and hopefully turn their jobs into long term meaningful employment.  Your purchases and donations really do fund amazing programs that help individuals in so many thoughtful and impactful ways.

Buying my dress and shoes at Goodwill helped someone make positives changes in their lives, and I felt great wearing an outfit that was saved from a landfill someplace.  Oh and I felt pretty cute too! (bonus)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I can't believe an entire week got away from me! Here is "What I Wore" this week!! Sorry for the sucky photos.
 Blazer Ann Taylor Goodwill
Gray Banana Republic Blouse Goodwill
See Through Soul Jeans Goodwill
Franco Sarto Pumps Goodwill
Bad Iphone picture my son took of me reluctantly.  
Tar-jay Cardi Goodwill
Brooch Goodwill
Old Navy Jeans -Goodwill
Fioni Pumps Goodwill--Ashley made me buy these, and now I love them!
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Technicolor Pants WIWW

Is 44 too old for the colored pants trend? No?  Good.  My friend Catrina texted me the other day and said, "Need your advice, I really wanted colored jeans or pants"  I texted her back, "Do It!" 
 I'm 44 and the skinny red jeans might be pushing the limits, but I say Wear What you Want! 
Red Skinny Jeans Dickies brand via Goodwill
Striped JCrew Tshirt via Goodwill
Tar-jay Suede Wedges via Goodwill
Ralph Lauren Blazer via EBay
 I'm a grown woman, and I will wear what I want.  My mom used to ask me, "am I too old for this?"  I never said Yes.  Maybe that is because she is only 20 years older than me and looked cute and stylish but never too teenagery.  Feel free to use my new word.
Green Pants that match my Starbucks Cup JCrew via Goodwill
Polka Dot shirt some no-name brand via Goodwill
Same Tar-jay Wedges
Starbucks Non Fat Two Pump Peppermint favorite accessory.

There you have it!  You are never too old for bright pants!!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Pretend it's Spring Shall We?

 I tried to put together a little spring vignette.  It is important for visual reminders that Spring is here.  That's because I live in Denver and it was snowing this weekend.  Snow.In.April.
 So I found these beautiful Faux Bois vases at a beautiful floral shop in Aspen.  And by that I mean I picked them up at Goodwill down the street.  The beautiful silver loving cup is from the GDub as well!  Oh and the flowers are from my garden.  Even though is snows around here we still have Spring blossoms.

 Oh yes, both from Goodwill.
Not bad for Goodwill finds and a little Spring cleaning!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Passover and Easter!

 Do you celebrate Easter or Passover or both or neither?  We happen to celebrate Passover.  I used my Portmeirion Botanic Garden china waaay back from when I got married.  It is my favorite to use for Passover because it reminds me of spring.   (Although my husband said that he doesn't like to eat with bugs on his plate.)   For the Passover Sedar you use a Hagaddah which is a book that leads you through the Exodus from Egypt.  We used the Hagaddahs our boys made when they were little guys, it was so sweet to see their handwriting from when they were so little.   My older son wore a kippah that was a gift from his friend who just signed with the New York Yankees, my husband and younger son wore kippot from the boy's Bar Mitzvahs.
I love holidays but the older you get you realize that you have to cook for two days and do dishes for two days after, and dinner lasts an hour...hmm...  Doing the flowers is my favorite part of any party, in fact I think of the flowers first, and then the rest of the details.  It was really fun, and my husband sped it up so it was the fastest Exodus ever!  My bestie Lisa H. brought a flourless chocolate tort with whipped cream.  It was soooo delicious I may never eat chocolate again.  Happy Holidays!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Heart Thrifting Day July 7 2012

Ok ladies and gentlemen of Denver are you ready for the big I <3 Thrifting Day 2012?  I will be hosting for Denver!!  Mark it on your calendar right this very minute!!  Rashon Carraway has big plans this year so make sure you set aside this day for thrifting in the Mile High City.

We will have a special guest this year!  The Goodwill Gal from Arizona will be joining us! Eeeee!!  I'm keeping the details a secret for now but I will let you know more as time goes on!!  Please leave me a note in the comments with your email address if you plan on joining us!  I hope to see the ladies from last year....I've missed you!