Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goodwill Glamour!

I saw this image of a beautifully distressed white table in Country Living Magazine. The funny thing is that it was "The Bargain Edition". According to the article it came from Pottery Barn, so I went online and looked it up.

Image from Pottery Barn
See this cute table? It will set you back $999.00. Is that a bargain? Ok, well it didn't set ME back $1,000.00. (My husband would have sent me back if it did.)

Or you could go to your nearest Goodwill and pick up a very similar table for $19.99. Both prices have lots of 9's in them, but going to Goodwill will save you $979.01.

I roughed up the top with 100 grit sandpaper. You are just taking the shine off of the top...don't go too crazy. Use a tack cloth to wipe up ALL of the dust.

I took out the leafs/leaves(?) because I wanted a round table. I kept them so I can always add them later. Open up the table and use a spray primer. I used a few light coats, drying each one in between. (It's a good time to fold laundry!)

Do all of the pieces and make sure you keep all of the nuts and screws together!!

I used antique white spray paint. I probably used 3 or 4 cans. I don't have a paint sprayer, so this was my best option! Then I realized that I should do the entire underside so it looks white all over AND under.

I distressed the edges by rolling the table through gravel. Easy. I used sandpaper to distress the legs and base. Once it was all distressed, I lightly sprayed white over most of it, so it will look like layers of paint.

All dressed up for an al fresco dessert. Ok, it looks like a table for one, but that is not the case! I plan on adding all different styles of chairs. Hmmm, I wonder where I can find mismatched chairs.....


Not bad for $20.00 and a few cans of spray paint!!

(I could have Photoshopped the basketball hoop out of the photo
-but I might as well show you the real deal!)

The Lettered Cottage

Boogieboard Cottage
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Transformation Thursday

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

A Special Thank You to our Service Men and Women!

I came across this Marine Reserve poster at the Belleview Goodwill last week. I love vintage illustrations, especially of clean cut boys! Isn't he adorable?.....I think so. Today all Goodwill Stores in the Denver Metro Area are half off....What are you waiting for?!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My imaginary life...

Any professional organizer will tell you not to shop for "an imaginary life". You know how it goes, "I need this fur coat just in case it snows during a movie premiere in Florida" for example. Everyone has these imaginary stories rolling around in their heads. My imaginary life involves dressing like an extra in Mad Men. I can't stop buying vintage 1960's suits with fur collars. I have no idea where it is appropriate to wear these suits, but if I ever run into Don Draper at the grocery store he will KNOW that I am ready to be his next secretary......Ok, I didn't say this was rational!! Just a little peek into my crazy pretend life. So onto the next bit of crazy......What if my husband and I decide to run off on an impromptu weekend away to a fancy hotel just to hang out and have a drink by the fire. Well first of all we don't drink, and secondly we won't be leaving this city until baseball season is over.......I really am delusional.

Buuuut since I came across this amazing leather satchel at Goodwill, I might as well clean it up and get it ready to go!

$6.99 not bad!

It's a little dusty.
But it certainly has potential!

You can find these Wilson Leather Wipes in the shoe aisle at Tar-jay...

A little Clorox for the inside....clean it out goooood. Stuff it with newspapers to fill out its original shape.

Here it is already to go on my imaginary trip! Hey if that weekend trip pans out, I will be thankful that I think/shop ahead! What do you buy for your imaginary life?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I wouldn't have believed it myself....Yee Haw!

No brand.

Dan Post


Steve Madden

I have found ALL of these boots in the past few weeks. I was doing a story for the local newspaper and was shopping at 4 different Goodwill stores. (I'm a blogger for their PR department. It seemed like every time I walked into a store I found a pair of boots in a 7.5 CRAZY! You know I have a thing for cowboy boots! I think that Spring rolls around and everyone donates all of their "winter" shoes and boots. Keep em comin' ladies!!!

My parents came to visit and my dad says, "take me to get a pair of have crazy luck!" So I went into my fave GDub...found a pair that fit him, they didn't have a price tag....dang it you price tag stealers!!!!!! I had to get them "re-priced", and I felt like the price was a little high but we bought them anyway. I googled the brand when we got home, and let me just say that we paid verrrrry liiiiiittle. Turns out they were custom made, and very collectible. Yeee Haw!

*People take high priced tags off hoping that the checker will re-price them lower......IT NEVER WORKS! If you take the price tag off they will NOT sell it to you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Stack Em Up!

I've heard of people storing away clothing for the change of seasons. In our area we get all four seasons, occasionally all in one day. Heating and Air Conditioning all in the same day? Yes. Do we put our sweaters away? No we don't. It is best to have a stack available at all times. I found all of these adorable and practical sweaters at Goodwill. Wash, stack, wear...repeat.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The cushion jinx....

Ahhh....remember that one day of sun we had on Mothers' Day.....

I apologize for the jinx I have bestowed upon the state of Colorado....

(This is our very expensive doggie drinking fountain.....)

It started when I thought it was safe to plant flowers...

But is was putting the outdoor cushions on the furniture that caused the last 3 weeks of rain and snow, and for that I apologize.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Professional Shopper? I'll take that!

Here we are at Goodwill on Broadway and Archer in Denver. I'm wearing a BCBG dress, assorted necklaces, and the most amazing Nacona snakeskin boots from the exotics line ALL from the G-Dub!

I took Penny Parker a columnist for the Denver Post on a little shopping spree to Goodwill the other day. I taught her some thrifting tricks, showed her the amazing items to be found, and basically just had a great time! Here is a link to the article

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you an Anglophile?

Don't get all offended! It's the love of all things British......sheeshhh get a dictionary! While I was off looking for props to use for my Not So Royal Wedding, I came across some AMAZING pieces ALL at local Goodwill stores (I shopped in 5 different stores over the span of two weeks) are some of them to look through.
A Palace Guard Souvenir mug....
TG Green Gripstand Pottery in two sizes. Made in England.

Buckingham Palace Souvenir mug.....Save yourself some money...don't worry about visiting London, just buy your souvenirs at Goodwill!

Ok! My First Burberry Purchase! Eeeeeeee, even I was surprised! I have heard about the elusive Burberry Trench Coats showing up at Goodwill.....but I have yet to come across one!This cute top has the Union Jack and a bedazzled crown.....Now I'm a tiny bit obsessed with Kate Middleton's Modern Country about you?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sydney Andrews Giveaway!

Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy started " What I Wore Wednesday" to keep herself accountable for getting out of her sweatpants even when you are a stay at home mom. I thought it was a great idea so here I am...I haven't been posting my outfits for a few weeks, but I am back now! Once you get out of the habit of taking pictures every day it is hard to dive back in.....

Isaac Mizrahi Linen Jacket G-Dub
The Gap White Shirt G-Dub
Skinnies (Target) via G-Dub
Cole Hahn Loafers G-Dub

This outfit looked cuter before the jeans stretched out!
Gap Breton Shirt Goodwill G-Dub
Gap Flared Trouser Jeans G-Dub
Mossimo Heels Target via G-Dub

Onto the Give Away!

My friend Jill is a jewelry designer, I have been buying jewelry from her for YEARS! She started and amazing company a few years ago called Sydney Andrews. Check out her website to see how you can become a consultant! I wore her necklaces to both of my son's Bar Mitzvahs.....I really love her style! She has graciously donated two pieces to give to TWO lucky readers!! In the comments just say which piece you would prefer! If you would like to Like Sydney Andrews on Facebook you will be entered TWICE you lucky dog!!

The Cheery Oval bracelet.....goes with everything

LOL Lavender Necklace....sparkly deliciousness!
Which one are you going to choose?

Monday, May 9, 2011

I knew it!

I had a feeling this is what happens when Goodwill closes its doors for the night!
Thrift Store Confidential has the most comprehensive thrifting blog around! Go over and check it out. I found this adorable Cadburry chocolate commercial there!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Mother's Day Present....

I picked up my own Mothers Day Present while shopping at Goodwill the other day...

It's a beautiful Guess Coat with a removable (faux) fur collar....this is Denver...
fur is always in style.

Great detailing....

A little pricey...but it was Mothers Day after all! hmmmm...why does this coat look so familiar?

maybe because I already own this one.....

and this one.....I see a pattern forming...