Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shabby Chic

(click to enlarge Image from Rachel Ashwell Blog)

I just put this Shabby Chic enamel "pot" into my Etsy Shop. It has a "Belmont" label still attached. Go take a look!

Isn't it amazing how something so mundane can look so beautiful when staged properly? Rachel Ashwell makes everything look so beautiful!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mid Century Mother Load

Bust out the Martinis and Ciggies, I hit the Mid Century Motherload the other day!! I'm selling them in my Etsy shop. You can take a look here. Leave a comment and I will send you a discount code!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Check your local Goodwill for the 99cent jeans day! You could pick up a few pair of Levi's and keep them out of the landfills. I picked up a few pair this past Saturday for 99 cents a piece! Remember back in the early 90's when you HAD to have men's 501's from the thrift store? Now you can do it for the planet! (to repair the damage we did with the aerosol "Sebastian Shaper" hairspray.

Friday, February 19, 2010


The power cord fits nicely through the slot in the back.

Look what I came across yesterday at the G-Dub! It's a little Kindle Keeper! (I don't think that is what it's for but it fits perfectly!) I made a little label for the adorable drawer pull. Why yes those are my spectacles. Go ahead and laugh. The second you blow out the candles on your 40th birthday cake, your eyes will cease to work too. No lie.
There is a little drawer for my sticky notepad. Since the accident I have to take detailed notes on novels or I have a hard time following plot details from day to day. I was a High School English teacher and never guessed that my harping on writing detailed plot summaries would come in handy some day.

I love my Kindle! I have the 1st generation, and I happen to like the smaller size.
I would like to be able to type in notes as I go. Is that possible somehow? I think that would be a great feature in the future. Amazon, are you listening?
What have you found lately?

* This just came "as is". I think it is a cell phone charger, but the Kindle fits perfectly. I didn't do a thing to it, except to put in the Kindle label.
My Goodwill and Target have a thing going. On the day that I found this half of the merchandise was Target leftovers/markdowns/damages. What could be better, a combination of my two favoite stores!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oprah's Closet Clean Out

O Magazine is all about De-Cluttering Your Life!! this month. Since you all know that I love O Magazine and the show Hoarders on A&E the combination has made me make a mad dash for the Goodwill Drive-Through and unload a ton of things from my closet on Ebay so that someone else can hoard it. First, let me say in all honesty, I have broken all of the Oprah Rules Thus far:

1) Don't build a wardrobe built on fantasy.
But what if I meet Don Draper, and his secretary just quit, and I'm wearing one of my 10 sexy secretary outfits and well, one typing thing leads to another and we go out for a drink and a ciggie and..........get it?

2)Don't Buy Your Favorites Over and Over.
Three words: Brown .Tweed .Blazers. Looooovee Them. No Idea Why.....Maybe if I'm wearing one and I'm in Harvard Square and they need a professor lets say to teach......Making Dog Treats 101....and there I am all professor-ed up.....(See rule #1)

3)Don't Shop For the Beautiful but Impractical.
Jessica Simpson Brown Suede Pointy Toe 5 inch heals. I wore them and screamed. Not in ecstasy but in severe pain! It sounded much like her singing. I looked sooooo hot! Because I was sweating over the excruciating level of torture. It was right up there with childbirth....but you know, with my feet....did that make sense? It's 5am so I'm not so sure.

This is just step one in my Oprah-ized blog post. I think I will do a series. Do come back for more.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The latest junk in my trunk...

Just a little something I picked up this weekend at a fabulous little boutique as I was strolling along a snow-filled street in beautiful Colorado.
(And by that I mean my local Goodwill)
I live in Denver, so you probably won't come across something like this in Florida, but go check it out, you never know, that's the beauty of thrift shopping!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My design crush...

Ok as you know by now I have a deisgn crush on Eddie Ross. I wouldn't say I'm a stalker, but I do follow him around the web a little bit. I don't think his boyfriend Jaithin has anything to worry about, our relationship is DESIGN based. So I was reading a post here:

about a little copper tray that he picked up his fabulous outing at a New York Flea Market, in his cute puffer jacket and burberry scarf. It looked like this:

Well as serendipity would have it, I was perusing my favorite botique, in my lucky jeans and down parka and what did I happen upon? hmmmmmm........

This is the AFTER picture! I had to scrub that thing for-ev-er. Of course once again I did take a BEFORE picture withouth the card in the camera!! Canon will you please have an alarm go off if someone is taking pictures with no card in the camera! So here is Eddie's in all of its Rat Pack Glory!

Here's mine:

We're having family friendly martinis! Just use Sparkling Cider with Pom pomegranite juice! Delicious, good for you, the kids can have some, and it is a beautiful red color for valentines day!
Here is another way, for a fancy treat:

Cookies and milk anyone?
I'm telling you the best chocolate milk ever is shaken in a stainless steel martini shaker with ice. Try it!
Eddie would be so proud!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Control Yourself

Nice Tunic...

Nice Price...

Yeah, It's Michael Kors.

I know, I know you NEVER see anything good at your thrift store! It's time to try again, and again...till you find something that makes YOU jump up and down, and squeal ever so slightly, but with great dignity, right there in front of everyone at the G-Dub!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why pay retail

My younger son left my favorite denim jacket in the waiting area of an airport recently. When I realized it was missing, I ran for the OPEN airplane door explaining that I needed to get my jacket. The helpful stewardess says, Ma'am you can't leave the airplane once you are on. I explained my dilema, and she says I'll go check for you. One second later she comes back and says it wasn't there. (She couldn't have even walked the entire ramp.) I felt the same as how you feel when you call your insurance company and the lady on the other line, taps her fingernails on her desk pretending to type your information into the pretend computer. Nope! not covered! Thanks.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, denim jackets. So when that unhelpful stewardess lies and says she checked for your favorite jacket, but she really just re-applied her cherry lip gloss, go to the G-dub, and pick up a new favorite. There are at least 75 to choose from! (I like the boys or girls XL myself!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goodwill Boutique


Bar Cart $16.99 (a little high for the G-Dub, I have a $20.00 limit!)
It even came with a set of tongs!

Primer with Lots of Painters Tape!
Satin Black Spray Paint


You may know this from previous posts, but I will re-cap. I'm working through a brain injury so I can't drink alcohol or caffeine. The good news is that espresso comes in decaf!
*Plus two teenage boys and their friends coming and going don't really call for a cart of booze in the dining room!

What a perfect spot for coffee flavorings instead of bottles of wine.

I make a mean latte! I even had my favorite barista come for my 40th Birtday Party!

Eddie Ross made me do it!

Wear Red

February is a perfect time to pick up something red to wear. First, you can "Wear Red for Heart Disease", and then wear it again for your Valentine! Pick up one (or twelve) at the GW Boutique!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eddie Ross...My hero!

Hey this is my friend Eddie Ross. No, he doesn't know me, but we are close! I was trying to remember what the heck got me into the Goodwill in the first place. I could NOT remember. I have some memory issues so that isn't surprising. After a few days thinking about it I remembered!
I was lost on the internet one day and came across his website. He used to work for Martha Stewart and he was/is her behind the scenes guy! Well his blog is full of ...... "so I was at Goodwill and found this little,"......"my fabulous friends and I stopped by this Goodwill and" "We bought this cute farmhouse and filled it with Goodwill" ....... WHAT? did he say Goodwill? I have gone through my local Goodwill drop-off drive through a billion times but I never dreamed of actually going INSIDE. So one day, I worked up the courage, (I'm a "hey I can do that too" kind of girl.)and in I went. I was surprised at what I found! Michael Kors jeans? In my size? $5.00. Ralph Lauren blazer in MY SIZE...What?! $5.00 What the What!
I was hooked. I think it's like a gambling problem. You win big the first time, and you are SURE you can do it again. Hence the reason everyone knows me there by name! Hi Ladies!!

Check out Eddie's blog here:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ralph Lauren Looks for Less!

Ralph Lauren Rugby

Ralph Lauren


Happy Shopping!

Legally Blonde the Musical

Legally Blonde The Musical is coming to the Buell Theatre today through February 14. Gather your friends and pick up an Elle Woods ensemble at the GW Boutique!

There are LOTS to choose from. (I put them all together for you)
You're Welcome.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Look Who Shops at the G-Dub!

Leopard pumps are so "right now" but seriously how long can this last?
ps-Christina- you're a mother.....see-through is OVER.

Franco Sarto...not bad!
Pick up a pair at the G-Dub and wear them for a season! It's like renting a pair, and when you're done take them back for someone else to try.