Friday, February 19, 2010


The power cord fits nicely through the slot in the back.

Look what I came across yesterday at the G-Dub! It's a little Kindle Keeper! (I don't think that is what it's for but it fits perfectly!) I made a little label for the adorable drawer pull. Why yes those are my spectacles. Go ahead and laugh. The second you blow out the candles on your 40th birthday cake, your eyes will cease to work too. No lie.
There is a little drawer for my sticky notepad. Since the accident I have to take detailed notes on novels or I have a hard time following plot details from day to day. I was a High School English teacher and never guessed that my harping on writing detailed plot summaries would come in handy some day.

I love my Kindle! I have the 1st generation, and I happen to like the smaller size.
I would like to be able to type in notes as I go. Is that possible somehow? I think that would be a great feature in the future. Amazon, are you listening?
What have you found lately?

* This just came "as is". I think it is a cell phone charger, but the Kindle fits perfectly. I didn't do a thing to it, except to put in the Kindle label.
My Goodwill and Target have a thing going. On the day that I found this half of the merchandise was Target leftovers/markdowns/damages. What could be better, a combination of my two favoite stores!


  1. Adorable little box! Did it come white like that or did you paint it? And I love your snazzy glasses! :)

  2. That is the sweetest Kindle bed :D

    And thanks for the tip on blowing out the candles on the 40th cake - maybe I'll just skip candles that year!

  3. LOL... I just got the dreaded bifocals about a week ago. I think I'm finally getting used to them!

    Love your blog!