Friday, April 30, 2010

Head to Toe G-Dub Glamour

Looove this outfit.....ALL from the G-Dub! The embelished sweater is my favorite! Hey, I have a new client! She needs a work wardrobe on the frugal side. Since I have serious thrift mojo, I'm on the lookout for her. Can't wait!! (Did not find ONE THING on my first trip, but that always happens.)
The shoes were NEW with tags, sometimes you need to draw the line somewhere. HOWEVER, my favorite find are the Timberland Fur Lined Boots
that were "pre-loved".
My husband thinks he's taking a picture of the bread I was making. I kept saying, "Make sure my shoes are in the picture!" Thank goodness he doesn't ask many questions!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day

I started picking up Pyrex at my local G-dub because I'm trying to cut down on using plastics in my home. "Back in the day" we had glass containers in our refrigerator and yes I'm sure some things got broken but all in all it worked out fine.But who would have guessed that there is the Pyrex sub-culture out there! I had no idea that it was collectible and highly sought after. Ladies, just go to the G-dub, there is plenty to go around! (Just make sure that you elbow those people that stand in front of the bins coming out! I swear it is like World Wrestling Federation some days.) When did junk get so popular? When I picked these up, there was this nice lady in the front that saw me looking at the Pyrex, so she just kept handing them back to me. I got a ton more that day, but the second batch was in the dishwasher, and I haven't taken photos yet.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrifty Thursday

Look at these little lovlies that I just picked up!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Junk That Can Go In Your Trunk!

I'm putting these in my ETSY shop next week. I'll throw in FREE SHIPPING if you email me and pay with PayPal first.
Silver Cake Plate $12.00
Vintage Hawkeye/Burlington PicNic Basket with Yellow Handles $20.00

Pewter Cup $8.00

2 Tiered Tid Bit Tray $15.00

Hammered Aluminum Ice Bucket with Tongs $10.00

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not from the Dub

I found this cute Underwood typewriter the other day in an antique store. I just couldn't go home without it! I realized that if you are under 30 typewriters are old relics. You haven't lived until you have re-typed an entire paper 3 times in college!! Remember that white tape stuff that was powdery on one side and you had to backspace perfectly to fix a mistake. Do I sound a hundred? I Skyped my parents to show them and my dad said that he had to use a typewriter like this one to intercept and translate Morse Code in the Air Force! Cool. Every teenager or kid that walks by tries it out. No it doesn't have tape but just making it Ding! is fun. Kids don't know about the Ding! either. so sad. The cigar box was my Grandpa Dee's, I love the smell of cigars, it reminds me of riding in his truck out to the farm when I was little.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodwill the Cooking Edition

The latest in Kitchen Gadgetry from the Gee-Dub.
Well seasoned Cast Iron Skillets. They are a little pricey $6-$9 for the G-dub, but well worth it! Use a steel wool pad to get off any rust and re-season in the oven. Perfection!! I had my son's baseball team over for dinner and could have used the Tortilla Pans. I made 50 tortillas that night. (Raw tortillas from Costco....LOVE them!) I have this weird thing going where if I think of something it turns up at Goodwill. I'm not kidding! As I was cooking the tortillas I thought, "I need one of those tortillas pans. The next day I picked up TWO of them at the Goodwill! (Crazy)
As I was making Challah the other day for my son's teacher, I thought, I could use a dough scraper to make this easier. One showed up at the Goodwill the next week. Swear. The melon baller? I wanted to make tiny cookies but my scoop was a little to big, and I thought, oh I could use a melon baller. Yep it showed up a few days later. Couldn't make this up girls.

Fancy dish I didn't need this but it was too cute to pass up.

Now if that Dale of Norway sweater would just show up I would be super happy!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Munsters

In the 1970's there was this show call "The Munsters". The dad's name was Herman Munster and he wore these giant black platform shoes...much like the ones above. This past Saturday the Goodwill had a Spring Cleaning Drive and I swear to you the Munsters dropped off a load of shoes! Look!!
This are for dress wear... a dainty little Mary Jane...

When you need a full length boot....

OOoh these got dressed up with a little gold thing on the side....

A nice mule perhaps....

OOOhhhh they come in loafers too!
Shop early for Halloween this year and go and Mrs. Herman Munster! (and nothing else.....these shoes will make you look like BIGFOOT!