Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Not from the Dub

I found this cute Underwood typewriter the other day in an antique store. I just couldn't go home without it! I realized that if you are under 30 typewriters are old relics. You haven't lived until you have re-typed an entire paper 3 times in college!! Remember that white tape stuff that was powdery on one side and you had to backspace perfectly to fix a mistake. Do I sound a hundred? I Skyped my parents to show them and my dad said that he had to use a typewriter like this one to intercept and translate Morse Code in the Air Force! Cool. Every teenager or kid that walks by tries it out. No it doesn't have tape but just making it Ding! is fun. Kids don't know about the Ding! either. so sad. The cigar box was my Grandpa Dee's, I love the smell of cigars, it reminds me of riding in his truck out to the farm when I was little.


  1. my kids and i saw one (not this cool) at the thrift store last week. they asked where you plugged it in.

  2. I'm only 26, but I remember typing on my parents' typewriter as a kid. Yes, it was mostly for the Ding!, but it made me feel so grown up. I think they might still have it. And to make you feel better, I remember that tape. I think i had to use it a few times at my first job!

  3. The excitement of typing the paper is heightened if you are doing it at 4 in the morning because it is finally your turn at the only typewriter in the sorority house your parents have rented you a room for the semester in. And the paper is due at 7.