Friday, April 30, 2010

Head to Toe G-Dub Glamour

Looove this outfit.....ALL from the G-Dub! The embelished sweater is my favorite! Hey, I have a new client! She needs a work wardrobe on the frugal side. Since I have serious thrift mojo, I'm on the lookout for her. Can't wait!! (Did not find ONE THING on my first trip, but that always happens.)
The shoes were NEW with tags, sometimes you need to draw the line somewhere. HOWEVER, my favorite find are the Timberland Fur Lined Boots
that were "pre-loved".
My husband thinks he's taking a picture of the bread I was making. I kept saying, "Make sure my shoes are in the picture!" Thank goodness he doesn't ask many questions!!


  1. Too cute! You found some great clothes!

  2. You look adorable in your GW outfit! My sister can find some cute clothes too. I don't have much luck!

  3. I just made that same bread this past weekend!!! MKW

  4. that seriously looks like a cookbook cover!! Your finds are amazing!

  5. Dee - You remind me of, well, me. I start pointing out clothes I'm wearing when I get a compliment and they are all, usually, from GW here in VA. I love jean jumpers and find all I need at GW - usually I have to have cleaner lady sew up slits (back or sides - I despise them - the slits that is) - shoes are a little harder to find - I have a long, thin foot. Congrats on all your G-Dub finds and wish me a good GW day this coming Thurs.