Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodwill the Cooking Edition

The latest in Kitchen Gadgetry from the Gee-Dub.
Well seasoned Cast Iron Skillets. They are a little pricey $6-$9 for the G-dub, but well worth it! Use a steel wool pad to get off any rust and re-season in the oven. Perfection!! I had my son's baseball team over for dinner and could have used the Tortilla Pans. I made 50 tortillas that night. (Raw tortillas from Costco....LOVE them!) I have this weird thing going where if I think of something it turns up at Goodwill. I'm not kidding! As I was cooking the tortillas I thought, "I need one of those tortillas pans. The next day I picked up TWO of them at the Goodwill! (Crazy)
As I was making Challah the other day for my son's teacher, I thought, I could use a dough scraper to make this easier. One showed up at the Goodwill the next week. Swear. The melon baller? I wanted to make tiny cookies but my scoop was a little to big, and I thought, oh I could use a melon baller. Yep it showed up a few days later. Couldn't make this up girls.

Fancy dish I didn't need this but it was too cute to pass up.

Now if that Dale of Norway sweater would just show up I would be super happy!


  1. I've been visiting our local Fretex (the symbol looks a lot like the Salvation Army) on the lookout for a Dale of Norway sweater for you. So far just a bunch of hand knitted ones that give me the skeeves just looking at them. I have been lucky about finding milk glass. Grandma gave me some vases a couple of years ago and last summer she gave me the rest out of that huge cabinet in the den. Now if I could just be like you and only have to "think" things will show up. I really want a milk glass sugar bowl and creamer!

  2. I'm on it for you! I've been picking up tons of milk glass vases myself.

  3. Reading this post(which redirected me to your Challah post, which mentioned your son's bar mitzvah) reminded me to ask you to share what you did for your son's bar mitzvah over on the other blog! I am an avid birthday party planner and when I do something overly crafty and ridiculously complicated for birthday parties, I am often met with the somehwat sarcastic question, "what will you do for their bat mitzvahs?" Since you make everything so beautiful and seem so effortless, even down to your shaken iced tea, I'd love to see how you handled something big and fun!

  4. Maybe I need to send out specific thoughts to the universe instead of just hoping for "kitchen stuff."

    Congrats on all the great finds :D

  5. Ooh! I've been hoping for a cast-iron skillet to appear at my G-dub for weeks! Think good thoughts for Nor Cal GW, oh magic one! Thanks!