Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School

Ahhh the first day of school.    NO,  teachers do not want an apple-shaped anything.  We want lattes.  (I'm no longer teaching, but I speak from experience.)
One of these would be lovely.
Or how about a ruler themed shot glass from Goodwill. (Wash them and don't send alcohol to school with the kiddos.) A bag o' coffee would be much appreciated. Yes I know some people don't drink coffee. I can't imagine it. So I choose not to believe it.   Oh wait!! Coffee or Chipotle. Either one works. Happy Back to School!    Enjoying your day off?   (I kid!)   One of mine is starting college this week, and the other is a junior in H.S. I will just be happy if they remember deodorant.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Remember when the girls and I had tea at British Tealeaves for Katie's Birthday? We were so inspired we decided to head to Goodwill to see if we could put together a mis-matched tea party. Easy. We did it in three stores in one day. Yes I need a caffeine boost to keep up! Those girlies can shop! (they learned from the master.)

Here is our tea party with my two nieces Anna and Alexis. It was so nice to have them in Colorado at the same time. We are all spread across the West, so having them together was tremendous!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tea Party!

No, not that tea party.

A real tea party at the adorable English Tea Leaves Cafe in Parker, Colorado.  It was Katie "The Intern's" birthday, and she is seriously the go to expert on all things London at the moment so off we went.  It was really girly and fun.  If you would like to enjoy Afternoon Tea, then you need to call 24 hours ahead for a reservation, so we just had a delicious lunch and beautiful scones that are hand made on the premises everyday.  Yummm!  The girls had Vanilla and Snowflake teas, and let me tell you they both were delish but the Snowflake was a huge hit. 

The owners are British and lovely.  You have to go try it out!  Thank you so much for such a great time.  It prompted us to go straight to Goodwill to buy our own tea party supplies!  Can't wait to show you our little party we plan on putting together!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

All Girl Summer!

I went from a no-girl house to a three girl summer!  From your left is Katie "The Intern", Anna (my niece) and Kelsey (my son Brock's friend)  We have been lunching, coffee-ing, and Goodwill-ing every day!  I am having soooo much fun!!