Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodwill Video

Monday, December 6, 2010

Beading for Safe House

My bestie Lisa K. hosted a really fun beading party. We met at a lovely place called The Crazy Merchant .
The Crazy Merchant is part retail and part event space where you can learn how to make beautiful jewelry while giving to a charity of your choice.

We chose Safe House Denver for our charitable organization.
Safe House Denver serves victims of domestic violence and their children through both an emergency shelter and a non-residential Counseling and Advocacy Center. All of the women, children and youth who come to SafeHouse Denver have access to a full range of bilingual programming, including individual counseling, group sessions, advocacy and safety planning.

It was so nice to spend a Saturday meeting new friends and helping such a deserving organization. Every organization is struggling in this economy, which ones do you support?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodwill Dishes

When you shop in the Goodwill you have to visualize what the pieces would look like on your table, and not shoved aginst a bunch of other junk that is hideous...

These pieces are so happy here away from their ugly surroundings! Just give them a bath in the dishwasher on "Sanitize", and you have yourself a beautiful table. No, you wouldn't put your Grandmother's Crystal in the dishwasher but this isn't your Grandmother's came from the G-Dub...if it breaks go get more silly!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My dream car....

Have you seen the Fall Tommy Hilfiger Campaign? Holy Moly.....The Jeep Wagoneer with the wood sides is my all time favorite car! I love the whole entire premise. Tailgating.....picnics.....skiing....plaid....the whole thing... Sooo I thought I would put together some Goodwill Finds to help you re-create you own little Hilfiger reality!

Do you love it?

Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Holiday Outfits

Here's what my husband could wear to his office party....oh wait no one has office parties anymore...dang it. My husband would rather poke a stick in his eye than attend an office party..... how did we find eachother again?

... because I could wear this little number to do the electric slide with his boss.

I haven't been posting here much, so if you miss me terribly head over to or to find me!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ghost me baby.

Need a potters wheel to get all "Ghost" and what not? Try the Goodwill on Parker and Belleview. It's right in the front of the store. You can't miss it. You're welcome.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keep your coffee cozy!

Take a sweater from your Goodwill pile, or pick one up at the Goodwill on half off day...
Cut the buttons off KEEPING the stiching attached to the sweater fabric. That way you can see the stitching and it will look like you sewed them on your cozy but you just hot glued them on.

Just cut the sleeve off a little longer than you need it. Hot glue a little hem on the cut side. Hot glue your buttons back on, and Viola! Look how cozy your coffee can be!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field of Dreams

I am a photoshop genius. Just thought you should know. I put this together for the ThriftingDenver blog. I found this "vintage" costume at the Goodwill on Belleview and Parker Road. All Halloween Costume are 50% off right now!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lucky Me!

Oooh Lucky Me! Abercrombie Sweater and a Lucky Brand Denim Shirt!
$5.00......not bad!

Looks cute on too!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pottery Barn Hack

Our story starts with this lantern from the Goodwill.

As you can see it was $6.99 but I waited for the half off day and hoped that it would still be there. Hooray! There it was.

I thought that I was going to have to tape off all of the glass when I noticed that it was removable! Yessssss! (I hate prep work)
I pulled out the secret stash of spray paint.
(My husband tried to ban me from painting.
Something about turning our street multiple colors)
What a great afternoon for s'mores. Hmmmm maybe our lantern would look pretty out here.

Ohhhh it does.... I filled it with Fall Leaves from the ground and a FLAMELESS CANDLE, (they have them at Target) don't burn the house down!

Some other Goodwill Finds thrown in.

Outdoor Chandelier
Outdoor Cart
Silver S'mores Tray
Oh is that from Pottery Barn? Why no, it is from the G-Dub!!
Not bad for $3.50 and some left-over spray paint!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lookie What I Found!!

I write for the blog . It is run by Goodwill, so basically my job is to hang out at the Goodwill and take pictures, put together ideas, and present them to the reader.
I was working on a piece about Velvet for Fall. I just started pulling all of the velvet that I could find and stacked them up to photograph.
Oh guess what? This piece is Giorgio Armani and it just so happens to be in my size. Whhhhaaaatttt?
I spend WAY more that I make, this job is verrrry expensive, but I LOVE IT!

You can't find treasure if you don't go on the hunt!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lookie What I Found!!

Oh the G-Dub....makes you want to go on a Fall Picnic!
Are you so jealous? Don't lie. $6.99

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The weirdest thing happened last night at the Goodwill!

It is amazing how many times I have uttered that sentence, but it's TRUE!! This one takes the cake!!!

So I came across these two framed art pieces a few weeks ago at the Goodwill. They were $16.99 each, so I figured I would wait for the half off day, and if they were still there I would buy them for a friend. On the half off day they were gone (of course) so I went on my merry way. (After buying a boat load of other stuff)......Aaannnywaay......
So I'm there last night and there they were.....weird.....maybe someone returned them I don't they were back to full price, (dang) so I flipped one over to see if there was any information about the quality of the prints and that is when I saw it.......

Look at the tag....... Do you see the name.......... S0icher.......

That is my last name......A very RARE last name. Isn't that strange? Of course I bought them are you crazy??? It was meant to be!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Decor at the G-Dub?

I was visiting my local Goodwill store yesterday and they were stocking the shelves with brand new Fall Decor. It looked like it came from JoAnn's maybe? If you hurry you might be able to pick some up! Go Go Go!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Green Halloween

I was featured on Green Halloween today, go check it out!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What did you think? I can't wait!!
*Update... Loved it, buuuut Rachel needs to put 10 pounds back on. I don't love the Hollywood starved look. Ick!

Alllll We Are Saying......Is Give Goooodwilllll A Chance...

I love the idea that you can buy a maxi dress from Goodwill, put a t-shirt with it, add a piece of leather for a headband, put a wildflower in your hair, and you have the most adorable iconic look for Halloween (or anytime). Love Child, Hippie Chic, 70's girl. You can call it what you like, I call it adorable, fashionable, frugal and FUN!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Do you happen to read Oprah Magazine? The August issue was the Big Deal Issue! It says "Everything That Oprah is Wearing is Under $100.00" That is a little misleading. Each piece that Oprah is wearing is under $100.00. Oprah can afford to wear whatever she wants let's face it, but the rest of us ARE in fact looking for good deals.

So this month in the October issue Molly McGlasson from Allen, Texas wrote in to say...... "When you add up all of the pieces of clothing it all adds up to $628. Why not have her in an entire outfit that costs less than $100? Now that would be a great story. "

(click to enlarge)

Here you go Molly. Notice that both Oprah and I are wearing the SAME Banana Republic Sweater. Hers was $70, mine was $4.99. All of the clothing that I'm wearing are brands that are affordable in the first place. The NYandCo pants that I bought still had the tags on them! Look Oprah it can be done.

*I didn't include any jewelry in my price, but I had money left over and the Leetsdale Goodwill had very similar jewelry in the front case. (I don't really wear jewelry very often so I left it out.)

You do have to go often, and I went looking with this outfit in mind. I shopped the Leetsdale, Littleton and Belleview stores to put this outfit together!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween at the G-Dub Part 4

For our final G-Dub outfits I thought we would throw in some literary figures.
Outfit from Goodwill Posies from The Pleated Poppy

Adore the outfit.....Love the price!
Long Sleeved Shirt-$4.99
Yellow Floral Dress-$6.99
Top Apron Dress (NWT)$6.99
I found all of the items in the womens section on Belleview

Atticus Finch contemplates the fate of Tom Robinson...the jury deliberates.
He can wear this suit for any special occasion, and since kids seem to grow out of dress clothes after one wearing, re-donate to Goodwill and pick up another suit!

Laura Ingalls Wilder

My model loved the outfit so much she kept it for school. She looks amazing!

Pair this outfit with cowboy boots for a casual look or dress shoes for services!

(Laura probably didn't wear pink flip flops but the grass was sharp!

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