Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lookie What I Found!!

I write for the blog . It is run by Goodwill, so basically my job is to hang out at the Goodwill and take pictures, put together ideas, and present them to the reader.
I was working on a piece about Velvet for Fall. I just started pulling all of the velvet that I could find and stacked them up to photograph.
Oh guess what? This piece is Giorgio Armani and it just so happens to be in my size. Whhhhaaaatttt?
I spend WAY more that I make, this job is verrrry expensive, but I LOVE IT!

You can't find treasure if you don't go on the hunt!


  1. We are in Denver this week... & I am going to Thrift my way around this city... :)

  2. that is beautiful! you need to model it!

  3. What a great job! Best of luck thrifting through the mile high city!

  4. I'd love to work at a thrift store, or better yet, own my own store. Writing a blog for one would be great, too. My fav Goodwill isn't making the money that they could be (and should be) because the staff doesn't know designer clothing. A Forever 21 top will be marked up, but a high end garment (such as my most recent cashmere find) with an uncommon name will be left priced at the going rate. Crazy!!! But I love it!