Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

I'm on a little Spring Break at the moment....trying to figure out how to post photos from my IPad....stay tuned!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
I finally figured out hoe to resize the images in photo bucket! I picked out some Spring Beauties from Goodwill for you to enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

WIWW Boyfriend Jeans Mash Up

I thought that I would do a boyfriend jean mash-up for you. Take one pair of Lucky Jeans from Goodwill, add a white t-shirt and mash up the rest....

Linen Blazer Theory (Goodwill)
Steve Madden Pumps (Goodwill)


(This is why I take pictures while the boys are safely at school)
Orange Fitted Jacket (Goodwill)
Born Sandals NWT (Nordstrom) (Goodwill)

Banana Republic Summer Wool Jacket (Goodwill) MY NEW FAVE!
Brown Flats NWT Target via Goodwill

I decided to dress up the Banana Republic Jacket with a button down shirt, NY&Co Trouser Jeans (Goodwill), and Chinese Laundry Floral Flats (Goodwill)

The beautiful necklace is made by a talented friend of mine Jill Pfefer.
Similar ones can be found here. (She is the owner/designer for the Sydney Andews jewelry company. I get so many compliments every time I wear it!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I can dream can't I?

image from California Closets

I think if Goodwill looked like this people more would want to shop there. Duh....(I have two teenage boys...this is where my vocabulary comes from)...moving on...

Goodwill has Armani for $6.00 because it looks Goodwill. But that's what makes it sooo fun! I will tell you that I would have a field day in there with some laundry equipment and my fancy iron!!!! I dream of cleaning that joint up!! How could I do that while maintaining the $3.49 that I just paid for the Nordstom Spring Jacket...I'll think about that and get back to you.

The other day while I was taking photographs of lovely Easter outfits for children, a man rammed my cart because it was in his way. Rammed it. I was a little startled but not really, 'cause I was at the 'Dub. It was actually much nicer than the time a scary looking guy was holding an ice pick that he had just found in the housewares section. You know how when you see a scary guy holding an ice pick you try to memorize his features so you can tell the cops later? Yeah like that. Don't worry mom I hid behind some giant man that looked relatively safe. Goodwill is entertaining to say the least! (I watch a lot of 48 Hour Mystery on the ID channel.)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Goodwill Coupon for Denver Readers!/GoodwillDenver

Click here for your 25% off Coupon! (you must spend $20.00)

Glentex Scarf

I found this "Double Talk" Glentex scarf at my local Goodwill the other day. It was sort of shoved on a hanger with some towels. It caught my eye because I love vintage graphics.
It has seen better has a few rips and repairs, but I really love it....I wouldn't wear it as a scarf....but I would love to frame it just for its fun sayings.

What the heck is the name of that character actor who used to say, "Yeeessssss?????"
This graphic looks like him doesn't it.
* Update! Frank Nelson!!

Have you heard the term "Solid Tomato"? Me neither!!

Did "On the Ball" used to mean dancing? I thought it meant "With it" or "Smart". Right? I find this sooo interesting. (Ok I am a former English teacher word geek)
I'm hooking up with Apron Thrift Girl..come join the fun!
Glentex Made In The USA
Come visit me at Magpie Monday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Blaine is like a modern Frankie Valley...and well...Yes please......just a little eye candy.....ok Glee is not for children...but alas I am not a there.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WIWW Mix and Match

I decided to go with this seasons' mixed patterns look... I got so many compliments on my outfit that day. I should dress like a grown up more often....
I mixed floral, gingham and tweed....Oh and this is the outfit I was wearing when I inappropriately touched the Rabbi...

Gingham Blouse-Coldwater Creek (Goodwill)
Sweater ? (Goodwill)
Tweed Skirt -part of a suit (Ebay)
Ballet Slipper Pumps (Goodwill)

Here is a lesson for you.....What do JCrew and Old Navy have in common? Well their sweaters are made in the exact same place....and then they both end up in Goodwill where I bought them both for $3.99 each.
Beaded Sweater with ribbon detail JCrew (via Goodwill)
White T-Shirt Target
Denim Cargo pant-Target
Flats Target (Goodwill New with Tags)

I wore this outfit a week or so ago.
This is the EXACT sweater in a different color, both sweaters say 100% Cotton, Made in Hong Kong. Someone paid the JCrew price, the other person paid the reasonable Old Navy price, but I paid the Goodwill price of $3.99.....I think I came out ahead!
I love brand names just like everyone else....but the more I shop at Goodwill the more I realize that most of the clothing is the same with a different label sewn in them.....something to think about!

Monday, March 14, 2011

When to let go.....

I have a lovely friend Hindy who happens to be married to a Hasidic (Orthodox) Rabbi. They just had a baby boy so they were celebrating with a Bris. (Google search it, or watch the Seinfeld episode "The Bris") It is a baby naming ceremony that involves a little to speak.....I never heard of a Bris until I married a nice Jewish boy and had a baby.....that was a shocking conversation to say the least!..........but I digress..........
So I see Hindy and give her a big hug and kiss, give my congratulations and work my way through the crowd of friends and family......I see her husband the Rabbi and I wrap my arms around him with fervor and gusto!..............and yet his arms dangle loosely by his I began to think.....hmmmm this is awkward....this is definitely a one way hug we got going on here........I peek open one eye to see another friend looking at me as though I have lost my mind completely.....still handling him in my grip I realize that you don't hug Orthodox Rabbis.....that is reserved for his wife only...which makes perfect sense if you think about it.....and I am still thinking about it and for some reason I still haven't let go............So I let go, start wiping his jacket....of what I'm not sure...and apologizing for man-or woman rather-handling property that isn't mine! He assured me that it was fine....but I learned a little lesson.......
When someone does not return your hug, try to figure out why AFTER you let go! Just a little life lesson in case you find a Rabbi in your arms in the near future.
You're Welcome.

Friday, March 11, 2011

How to Make a Diaper Cake

I used organic cotton diapers for my cake, but you certainly could use any kind that you like.

Start rolling the diapers from the top opening to the bottom leg part.

Secure each rolled diaper with a rubber won't be able to see them later....

I used a 10 cake circle to put the cake on...

start building up the diaper rolls from the center...use a large rubber band to secure it...

keep adding diapers until you have the size that you would like....

there we go.....Now fold a receiving blanket on the diagonal........

measure the width of your diaper and fold down, making a long skinny cover for the cake...
like this...see?
secure with another rubber band....don't use pins! you don't want anything that could poke the baby!

Start Embellishing...

you can add baby items by pulling out a few diapers and putting in wash cloths, baby hats, onesies...etc


See, its pretty easy to make a beautiful diaper cake on your own. If you'd rather buy one instead, makes some lovely diaper cakes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diaper Cake

Loaded with Baby Stuff

My girlfriend asked me to make a diaper cake for her new grandbaby. We went gender neutral with the colors of Cremesicle and Green. I used Organic Diapers and Burts Bees Baby Products...I think it turned out pretty cute!! I'm going to a Bris tomorrow so I need to whip up another one.....once the diapers are rolled it is pretty easy! I'll do a little DIY for tomorrow...stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Experiment

I was talking to someone I work with about the black tights and black t-shirt "uniform". If you have that, you can make a ton of outfits out of it. So here is my little Black Uniform Experiment!

Black T-shirt Target
Black Tights Target
Tunic (Goodwill)
Black Ballet Flats (Goodwill New with Tags-Target)

The Denver Weather is Bi-Polar, you can go from 60 to 30 in an joke..
Throw on Denim Jacket -Old Navy via Goodwill
Put on some warm socks and boots -Franco Sarto Zappos

Change it up with a flannel dress from Target via Goodwill (half off day!)
Same Franco Sarto Boots

Now throw on a skirt 12 by Twelve via Goodwill
Put on some high heel boots (I don't where I got them, but I love them!)
The necklace is from Forever 21 was $12.00!

I threw on the vintage fur jacket I bought on our Thrift Tour in Salt Lake City. (Decades)

Experiment #2 Wide Leg Jeans ---Not sold on it.

JCrew Button Down via G-Dub
Target Old Man Cardigan
The Gap Wide Leg Jeans via G-Dub

Embroidered Blazer Goodwill
Cream Cardigan Target new via Goodwill
Cowboy Boots Goodwill
Black Coat Goodwill
Drew Fit Pant from The Limited via Goodwill
Flats Target via Goodwill (new)

Skinnies look so much better!
Blazer Ralph Lauren via Goodwill
Cream Cardigan Uniqlo via Goodwill
Old Navy Skinnies via Goodwill
Sporto Boots via Goodwill

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