Monday, March 21, 2011

Glentex Scarf

I found this "Double Talk" Glentex scarf at my local Goodwill the other day. It was sort of shoved on a hanger with some towels. It caught my eye because I love vintage graphics.
It has seen better has a few rips and repairs, but I really love it....I wouldn't wear it as a scarf....but I would love to frame it just for its fun sayings.

What the heck is the name of that character actor who used to say, "Yeeessssss?????"
This graphic looks like him doesn't it.
* Update! Frank Nelson!!

Have you heard the term "Solid Tomato"? Me neither!!

Did "On the Ball" used to mean dancing? I thought it meant "With it" or "Smart". Right? I find this sooo interesting. (Ok I am a former English teacher word geek)
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Glentex Made In The USA
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  1. I love the scarf what a great find x

  2. Wow, my first ever transantlantic link-up!!

    Welcome to Magpie Monday and thanks for sharing your fabulous scarf. I love it. Such a great history lesson too.

    Would you be able to add the Magpie Monday badge or link somewhere here so your readers can find the other great finds linked up?

    Great to meet you xx

  3. very fun find! I especially love the colors. Glad I found you today via Thrifty Finds! -diane

  4. Thanks for cluing me in. We saw Mr. Nelson last night on an old episode of "Sanford and Son". I know, we are hopelessly dated in our TV viewing tastes.--thissideofgaudy

  5. What a cool scarf! Glad you shared it.