Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

I'm on a little Spring Break at the moment....trying to figure out how to post photos from my IPad....stay tuned!

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I finally figured out hoe to resize the images in photo bucket! I picked out some Spring Beauties from Goodwill for you to enjoy!


  1. OOoo I'm about to get an iPad and this made me excited about it, any tips on blogging from an iPad?

  2. First I want to say I love your blog!! I love all the thrifting you do!! But I do have a question? Do you ever worry about bringing home any bugs? I would love to go to the thrift stores in my area but I worry about bringing home unwanted guests. Jeannette M.

  3. Jeannette, i do think about little critters so i am sure to throw everything into the laundry right would never guess that i am a total germ freak!

  4. I am glad I am not the only who thinks about that! I figured thats probably what you do! Thanks, Jeannette M.