Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Lunch and a Movie with Bestie Lisa (Freezing)
Trench Dress (no tags) Goodwill
Turtleneck and Tights Target
Boots 9 West? Zappos

Shopping 3 Goodwill Stores for Oscar Event

Target Cardigan New with Tags (G-Dub=Goodwill)

JCrew Button Down (Goodwill)

The Gap Long and Lean Jeans (G-Dub)

Sequins Converse Sneakers (Target then I saw them at the G-Dub!)

Trying Outfits for the Oscar piece we're doing for a Denver morning show

Giorgio Armani Blazer (G-Dub)

12 by 12 Tulle Skirt (G-Dub)

Bandolino Pumps (G-Dub)
Same outfit as before but switched into a Michael Kors Dress (Goodwill)
I chose this outfit to wear for the show.
Come back tomorrow for the spot we did on The Everyday Show here in Denver!

It was fun/nerve wracking!!!


  1. I can't wait to see the spot you did for TV. Love the outfits so much and the labels -- awesome! Your style is amazing. I'd love to fly out to Denver and thrift with you. You have such a great eye, and I would love to take advantage of your expertise.

  2. TV????? Like as in MODEL??? I knew it!

    You look great!