Friday, September 17, 2010

Halloween at the G-Dub Part 4

For our final G-Dub outfits I thought we would throw in some literary figures.
Outfit from Goodwill Posies from The Pleated Poppy

Adore the outfit.....Love the price!
Long Sleeved Shirt-$4.99
Yellow Floral Dress-$6.99
Top Apron Dress (NWT)$6.99
I found all of the items in the womens section on Belleview

Atticus Finch contemplates the fate of Tom Robinson...the jury deliberates.
He can wear this suit for any special occasion, and since kids seem to grow out of dress clothes after one wearing, re-donate to Goodwill and pick up another suit!

Laura Ingalls Wilder

My model loved the outfit so much she kept it for school. She looks amazing!

Pair this outfit with cowboy boots for a casual look or dress shoes for services!

(Laura probably didn't wear pink flip flops but the grass was sharp!

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  1. Love your ideas and your great find. We LOVE Goodwill for all the reasons you noted as well.

  2. I just looked through all 4 of your Halloween costume pages and I'm amazed at what you came up with. We actually just bought some items last week at GW for our costumes. My husband looked at some books and then waited in the truck because he wasn't into it. But my daughter, she filled a whole cart and was putting crazy things together. What fun. I also got some overalls for me in case I want to be a scarecrow. Not very inventive. I should have seen this post first! Thanks for linking up all these great ideas.

  3. I remember my mom doing what you are, finding old things and making them fabulous. We always had the best costumes, and our friends would marvel at how our mom could transform us. I tried to do the same with my kids. That's what I thought of when I looked at your pages with your kids all in character! I hope you each had a lot of fun, because you made a great memory! Bravo...and I hope to see more.

  4. My sister and I almost always go thrift shopping when we get a chance to go out for fun together. I love the thrill of the treasure hunt. But you've got something pretty awesome going on. Love the photos -- and To Kill a Mockingbird reference.