Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Outdoorsy..How I did it for $66.44

I was looking for a little G-Dub project for men's clothes. My DH does not want me shopping for him so I asked my brother if he would be my guinea pig. He's a pretty easy going guy so he said sure. My brother is a very outdoorsy, fishing, Jeep driving, camping sort of guy, and he is an environmental biologist so I wanted to get him some work clothes that were stylish yet functional. In comes Eddie Bauer. Perfect. So I wondered if I could replicate the Eddie Bauer look from my local G-Dub. Turns out I could.
We're off to a good start.


Columbia....good... $4.99 not bad...

Banana Republic Sweater for $2.99? I'm impressed!

J Crew? Excellent!

Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, British something, Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer Fleece "Shirt" (really like an overcoat/shirt)

Old Navy Lightweight Jacket

Oooohhhh nice combo.....

The spulurge...$14.99 for a flannel lined, corduroy jacket with a suede collar made by Bass. $14.99


Oh wait there is the exact sweatshirt from Eddie Bauer
in the catalog it is $58.50. It was $3.99 at Goodwill.

Another Eddie Bauer Combo.

$4.99 for the pants.

An ocean of corduroy and khaki...

All the price tags....

Oh wait, did I mention it was half off day?

Click to enlarge. My total was $66.44

5 pair of pants
8 shirts
6 sweaters
3 Jacket/Overcoats
Not only did I achieve the Eddie Bauer Look...Most of the clothes are FROM Eddie Bauer! You really need to go ladies!! Just give it a try, and if you don't find anything go AGAIN! You never know.

These items are from the Goodwill in Littleton, Colorado.


  1. Dee, Have you been to a Goodwill Outlet? We went for the first time yesterday and it was a blast! Its quite an experience but I came away with tons of stuff for so cheap since they charge by the pound! You need to go to one!!

  2. You have such great brands at yours. I won't give up, I'll keep looking. Amazed at what you got!

  3. Seriously???!!!! Totally jealous with these finds. I could have you shop for my 24 year old son. LOL BTW- I mentioned you on my latest Goodwill Glamorous post!

  4. I think you should be a personal shopper for the frugal and stylishly challenged like myself. You've got style and panache with the pennies. Great job!

  5. You are the girlfriend!!! I'm going to show my hubs this! You did fine and I would let you dress my hubs any day! I bet you brother loved all of his clothes!

  6. Once awesome job of shopping!
    Where are the pictures of your brother in the clothes?

  7. I am uber jealous of you. Our Goodwill has gotten super high. Their mens shirts start at $5.50. That would not been too bad but THEY NEVER HAVE SALES. For reals, mine do not have specials or sales or half off days. ~sighs~

    I hate that I find a lot of dollar tree items for $6.

    I wanna come shop at yours.