Monday, September 20, 2010


Do you happen to read Oprah Magazine? The August issue was the Big Deal Issue! It says "Everything That Oprah is Wearing is Under $100.00" That is a little misleading. Each piece that Oprah is wearing is under $100.00. Oprah can afford to wear whatever she wants let's face it, but the rest of us ARE in fact looking for good deals.

So this month in the October issue Molly McGlasson from Allen, Texas wrote in to say...... "When you add up all of the pieces of clothing it all adds up to $628. Why not have her in an entire outfit that costs less than $100? Now that would be a great story. "

(click to enlarge)

Here you go Molly. Notice that both Oprah and I are wearing the SAME Banana Republic Sweater. Hers was $70, mine was $4.99. All of the clothing that I'm wearing are brands that are affordable in the first place. The NYandCo pants that I bought still had the tags on them! Look Oprah it can be done.

*I didn't include any jewelry in my price, but I had money left over and the Leetsdale Goodwill had very similar jewelry in the front case. (I don't really wear jewelry very often so I left it out.)

You do have to go often, and I went looking with this outfit in mind. I shopped the Leetsdale, Littleton and Belleview stores to put this outfit together!



  1. you should get a show on her new network!

  2. Girl I just love you!!! you crack me up too. What was the people of that mag thinking?

  3. I love your outfit...and the price tag. Seriously, I don't think I know anyone who spends anywhere near $600 on an outfit...well maybe their wedding dress, but nothing else!

  4. You crack me up! Who else would try to outdo Oprah at goodwill.

  5. Treasure hunting at Goodwill is one of my favorite activities. I've been pretty disappointed with the Goodwills in "upscale" areas. It seems they are siphoning off the good stuff for goodwill boutiques. Our small town version has a better selection.

  6. you are one funny woman! so glad I found both your blogs.

  7. I have to laugh because I saw that issue and thought the very same thing!

    Great blog ya have here.

  8. Interesting enough, I worked at the Goodwill Induastries in the early 70's as the Director of Vocational Evaluation, so I know first hand that Goodwill holds many hidden treasures! I was delighted to find that "O" magazine printed my comment. Now if I could only be rewarded as a "contributer" with some tickets to the show.
    Molly McGlasson
    Allen, Texas