Sunday, December 5, 2010

Goodwill Dishes

When you shop in the Goodwill you have to visualize what the pieces would look like on your table, and not shoved aginst a bunch of other junk that is hideous...

These pieces are so happy here away from their ugly surroundings! Just give them a bath in the dishwasher on "Sanitize", and you have yourself a beautiful table. No, you wouldn't put your Grandmother's Crystal in the dishwasher but this isn't your Grandmother's came from the G-Dub...if it breaks go get more silly!


  1. Nice! I especially like the bottom picture. I have told you this before,...but we have a new Goodwill right here in town, and I NEVER find much there at all. Maybe people have to get use to it being here...and donate more stuff. Eventually it may be a good place to go on a treasure hunt! (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits
    Dee...I invite you to hop over to my blog today to see my tree and Christmas decorations. (:>)

  2. Great finds! I can't seem to find a goodwill in the town I'm in (its on the map when you drive there, there's a fast food restaurant instead!) But hopefully I come across one soon! So much cool stuff hiding in these stores =)


  3. Isn't thrift shopping the best? It's the thrill of the hunt and the excitement of the find! Amazing how many very nice or very unusual(my kind of stuff!) items you can find.

  4. Love the Martha Stewart touch using Thrift Store Finds! I found my beloved Bird of Paradise Hawaii plates at our local Thrift...can you say Cowabunga?!