Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Munsters

In the 1970's there was this show call "The Munsters". The dad's name was Herman Munster and he wore these giant black platform shoes...much like the ones above. This past Saturday the Goodwill had a Spring Cleaning Drive and I swear to you the Munsters dropped off a load of shoes! Look!!
This are for dress wear... a dainty little Mary Jane...

When you need a full length boot....

OOoh these got dressed up with a little gold thing on the side....

A nice mule perhaps....

OOOhhhh they come in loafers too!
Shop early for Halloween this year and go and Mrs. Herman Munster! (and nothing else.....these shoes will make you look like BIGFOOT!


  1. Pretty sure I used to own a pair of those mules! Ha

  2. I had shoes like that back in high school. They were deceptively heavy!