Saturday, February 6, 2010

Goodwill Boutique


Bar Cart $16.99 (a little high for the G-Dub, I have a $20.00 limit!)
It even came with a set of tongs!

Primer with Lots of Painters Tape!
Satin Black Spray Paint


You may know this from previous posts, but I will re-cap. I'm working through a brain injury so I can't drink alcohol or caffeine. The good news is that espresso comes in decaf!
*Plus two teenage boys and their friends coming and going don't really call for a cart of booze in the dining room!

What a perfect spot for coffee flavorings instead of bottles of wine.

I make a mean latte! I even had my favorite barista come for my 40th Birtday Party!

Eddie Ross made me do it!


  1. holy cow, this is SUCH an amazing piece! you did such a nice redo. and i love that you made it something that you'll actually use, with the who barrista theme goin on ;) seriously, awesome awesome find.
    (p.s. i am very curious and hope you don't mind my asking - are you willing to share how much you paid for the cart at goodwill?)

  2. oh my gosh, i totally missed where you included that info IN YOUR POST (doh). i don't think that's steep at all! in fact, i would have still paid up to $40ish for such an awesome and useful piece like that! but i do know what you're saying - you must set a limit and be willing to stick with it. GW here can get really pricey where i live, like, unreasonably so. it's so frustrating!

  3. Love it! Wish I could find stuff like that at my Goodwill.

  4. That's adorable--I want one too!

  5. beautiful!

    now i'll be on the hunt to a bar cart every thrifting trip!

  6. Terrific! I absolutely love how this turned out.

  7. Great job!! I love how you kept the rack to use for syrups! Our GW pricing is crazy on some things, but reasonable on others. No consistency!

  8. Oh I am drooling!....This is the bestest thing:)....Now I must have one! Thanks for sharing your creative gift!

  9. As a certified coffee AND Goodwill addict, that is adorable! Love the idea.

    Unfortunately since moving to TX I have been unable to find a decent GW...even drove 45 minutes to try a new one last week, only be be disappointed. Apparently people here only donate their unwanted clothing!

  10. What a great find and makeover. Love it!

  11. That makes the ultimate barista cart!

    I have a GW punch card, do you?

    Yes... I am now stalking you on this blog as well.

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean