Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eddie Ross...My hero!

Hey this is my friend Eddie Ross. No, he doesn't know me, but we are close! I was trying to remember what the heck got me into the Goodwill in the first place. I could NOT remember. I have some memory issues so that isn't surprising. After a few days thinking about it I remembered!
I was lost on the internet one day and came across his website. He used to work for Martha Stewart and he was/is her behind the scenes guy! Well his blog is full of ...... "so I was at Goodwill and found this little,"......"my fabulous friends and I stopped by this Goodwill and" "We bought this cute farmhouse and filled it with Goodwill" ....... WHAT? did he say Goodwill? I have gone through my local Goodwill drop-off drive through a billion times but I never dreamed of actually going INSIDE. So one day, I worked up the courage, (I'm a "hey I can do that too" kind of girl.)and in I went. I was surprised at what I found! Michael Kors jeans? In my size? $5.00. Ralph Lauren blazer in MY SIZE...What?! $5.00 What the What!
I was hooked. I think it's like a gambling problem. You win big the first time, and you are SURE you can do it again. Hence the reason everyone knows me there by name! Hi Ladies!!

Check out Eddie's blog here:


  1. I think his finds are awesome but have you seen the prices he resells it for on his etsy shop? They're ridiculous!

  2. Anny
    I agree. His Etsy prices are crazy. But his vision is amazing!

  3. He IS a genius. Perfect to replicate at your own budget! lol
    His ornament wreath took over the blog world.. mine too!! lol