Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why pay retail

My younger son left my favorite denim jacket in the waiting area of an airport recently. When I realized it was missing, I ran for the OPEN airplane door explaining that I needed to get my jacket. The helpful stewardess says, Ma'am you can't leave the airplane once you are on. I explained my dilema, and she says I'll go check for you. One second later she comes back and says it wasn't there. (She couldn't have even walked the entire ramp.) I felt the same as how you feel when you call your insurance company and the lady on the other line, taps her fingernails on her desk pretending to type your information into the pretend computer. Nope! not covered! Thanks.
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, denim jackets. So when that unhelpful stewardess lies and says she checked for your favorite jacket, but she really just re-applied her cherry lip gloss, go to the G-dub, and pick up a new favorite. There are at least 75 to choose from! (I like the boys or girls XL myself!)


  1. Thanks for visiting Our Journey ... glad you liked the Bananies! I'm a fan of the Nutella version. :o) Your poor jacket ... I did giggle at your story though! Love your re-furbishing project in the previous post!

  2. My favorite denim jacket (levi) is 25 years old--my boyfriend right before dh gave it to me!--

  3. I just got a gap jean jacket there for $4....I agree whole heartedly with this post:)

  4. Oh that flight attendant made me so mad when I read this! I hope you found a "new" favorite jacket for your son at the Goodwill.

    I once left a favorite hat at the security checkpoint of our airport and didn't realize it until weeks after our return trip--I called the airport, and they had the hat!

    I came over from A Soft Place and I am really enjoying your blog!