Friday, May 27, 2011

My imaginary life...

Any professional organizer will tell you not to shop for "an imaginary life". You know how it goes, "I need this fur coat just in case it snows during a movie premiere in Florida" for example. Everyone has these imaginary stories rolling around in their heads. My imaginary life involves dressing like an extra in Mad Men. I can't stop buying vintage 1960's suits with fur collars. I have no idea where it is appropriate to wear these suits, but if I ever run into Don Draper at the grocery store he will KNOW that I am ready to be his next secretary......Ok, I didn't say this was rational!! Just a little peek into my crazy pretend life. So onto the next bit of crazy......What if my husband and I decide to run off on an impromptu weekend away to a fancy hotel just to hang out and have a drink by the fire. Well first of all we don't drink, and secondly we won't be leaving this city until baseball season is over.......I really am delusional.

Buuuut since I came across this amazing leather satchel at Goodwill, I might as well clean it up and get it ready to go!

$6.99 not bad!

It's a little dusty.
But it certainly has potential!

You can find these Wilson Leather Wipes in the shoe aisle at Tar-jay...

A little Clorox for the inside....clean it out goooood. Stuff it with newspapers to fill out its original shape.

Here it is already to go on my imaginary trip! Hey if that weekend trip pans out, I will be thankful that I think/shop ahead! What do you buy for your imaginary life?


  1. What a beautiful bag! And a good price too! I love how great things look when you just take a few minutes to clean them up!

  2. So jealous... I love that fun weekend bag.

  3. looooooooove the bag...what a sweet piece you found there!

  4. For my imaginary life, I thrifted a vintage Oleg Cassini black sequin dress recently. I dont have any event to go to, yet if in the spur of moment my boyfriend and I want see a NY broadway play, I have the right dress.

    I love that gorgeous heels.


  5. HAHAHA!!! Soooooo glad I'm not the only one who dreams up reasons I "have to buy" ___________'fill in the blank'. :) You never know when you'll need that 2nd giant crysal punch bowl (complete with 24 crystal cups and crystal dipper!) or that 10th cake platter because everything looks better raised up.

    Love this post!