Monday, May 23, 2011

Stack Em Up!

I've heard of people storing away clothing for the change of seasons. In our area we get all four seasons, occasionally all in one day. Heating and Air Conditioning all in the same day? Yes. Do we put our sweaters away? No we don't. It is best to have a stack available at all times. I found all of these adorable and practical sweaters at Goodwill. Wash, stack, wear...repeat.


  1. I always look for adorable sweaters like this when I go, but I never seem to find any! These are sooo cute! I did score 3 awesome pairs of jeans, a Gap shirt, an Old Navy shirt, a gauzy tunic, an a gen-u-ine red snakeskin belt today, though! I thought of you! :)

  2. Looks like some cute sweaters in that stack..
    & I am just home from 2 wks in Co.... drove in the worst snow storm EVER on sat. night near Dillon...... Sun., 75 & sunny in Denver.... could have had all 4 of my seasons clothes on the trip... :) AND I did a bit of thrifting in your fair state... got some great finds.. : )

  3. They look so cute together! I love it when something practical, like clothes, looks decorative as well!