Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I wouldn't have believed it myself....Yee Haw!

No brand.

Dan Post


Steve Madden

I have found ALL of these boots in the past few weeks. I was doing a story for the local newspaper and was shopping at 4 different Goodwill stores. (I'm a blogger for their PR department. It seemed like every time I walked into a store I found a pair of boots in a 7.5 CRAZY! You know I have a thing for cowboy boots! I think that Spring rolls around and everyone donates all of their "winter" shoes and boots. Keep em comin' ladies!!!

My parents came to visit and my dad says, "take me to get a pair of have crazy luck!" So I went into my fave GDub...found a pair that fit him, they didn't have a price tag....dang it you price tag stealers!!!!!! I had to get them "re-priced", and I felt like the price was a little high but we bought them anyway. I googled the brand when we got home, and let me just say that we paid verrrrry liiiiiittle. Turns out they were custom made, and very collectible. Yeee Haw!

*People take high priced tags off hoping that the checker will re-price them lower......IT NEVER WORKS! If you take the price tag off they will NOT sell it to you.


  1. I'm with your have such good luck! Would you ever consider selling any of your finds?

  2. Pair #1 and #3 are my faves!

    I agree, spring/summer are the best times to score an awesome pair of boots though I haven't found any as sweet as your finds. Guess I'll have to keep looking!


  3. Love the boots. Great finds!!

  4. Oh man! I wish I had your luck, those boots are all beautiful!! My feet are a whopping size 11, so it's near impossible to find shoes at many stores let alone thrift stores!

  5. niiiice! I just spotted a brand new goodwill on one of my work routes today...I was very excited!

  6. How about a red pair in size 9. Open order, any price. Glad your Dad found something good!! Ann

  7. Love them all! Great finds! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Lindsey Turner

  8. Argh! That's the first thing I ALWAYS look for when I hit G-Dub! You are the luckiest. You'd think up here in the Lafayette store, surrounded by countryside, I'd find some, right?

  9. Wish we had that variety of boots in our GW. There are never any in my town. I guess Ohio isnt so much into cowboy boots like I am.

    Stephanie M.

  10. I never find such awesome boots! hey I wear a 7.5 too want to share? Our Goodwill is a little pricey, it is frustrating because it is a Thrift store, some of the items you can buy new cheaper, anyways didnt mean to complain, I still find a treasure sometimes, and I dont mind since it is a charity! Enjoy your blog!

  11. I hate missing price tags. The local policy at Goodwill stores around here requires them to actually take the item from you and send it into the backroom where it's re-priced and put back out the following day. I guess this is to thwart the "tag removers"but it's super frustrating!

    Great blog by the way...Dude @

  12. you are crazy lucky. I would love to find ONE pair!!!