Monday, April 16, 2012

Let's Pretend it's Spring Shall We?

 I tried to put together a little spring vignette.  It is important for visual reminders that Spring is here.  That's because I live in Denver and it was snowing this weekend.  Snow.In.April.
 So I found these beautiful Faux Bois vases at a beautiful floral shop in Aspen.  And by that I mean I picked them up at Goodwill down the street.  The beautiful silver loving cup is from the GDub as well!  Oh and the flowers are from my garden.  Even though is snows around here we still have Spring blossoms.

 Oh yes, both from Goodwill.
Not bad for Goodwill finds and a little Spring cleaning!


  1. Very Nice...
    & I live in Michigan& it snowed here last week as well... after some nice 80% days..
    & the lamp... got the same one at GW recently.. $2.00 it now sits on a bedside table at the cottage...

  2. I should double check... 80 degrees, not 80 percent.. : )

  3. I left Denver on Thursday afternoon and then left Kansas on Friday morning right ahead of the tornados. Got home to Connecticut and it is 90 degrees here today. It usually isn't ninety until July. I covet those faux bois silver vases. COVET!! Ann

  4. A very pretty Spring vignette indeed.

    I'm pretty sure spring has come and gone in Az. Today's high will be 91 and by Sunday a not so spring, 102. After this week, I'll be ready to head to Colorado!