Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Technicolor Pants WIWW

Is 44 too old for the colored pants trend? No?  Good.  My friend Catrina texted me the other day and said, "Need your advice, I really wanted colored jeans or pants"  I texted her back, "Do It!" 
 I'm 44 and the skinny red jeans might be pushing the limits, but I say Wear What you Want! 
Red Skinny Jeans Dickies brand via Goodwill
Striped JCrew Tshirt via Goodwill
Tar-jay Suede Wedges via Goodwill
Ralph Lauren Blazer via EBay
 I'm a grown woman, and I will wear what I want.  My mom used to ask me, "am I too old for this?"  I never said Yes.  Maybe that is because she is only 20 years older than me and looked cute and stylish but never too teenagery.  Feel free to use my new word.
Green Pants that match my Starbucks Cup JCrew via Goodwill
Polka Dot shirt some no-name brand via Goodwill
Same Tar-jay Wedges
Starbucks Non Fat Two Pump Peppermint favorite accessory.

There you have it!  You are never too old for bright pants!!
I'm linking up to the WIWW party over at The Pleated Poppy.  Come on over!


  1. Go girl! You look really good in the jeans. I'm 49. I wore my teal jeans, paired with black top and shoes, to work other day, loads of complements. I'm often asking myself same I too old for this? I really think style is about our personality, body type and environment. I'll be watching your blog, you remind me of me!!! I'm not blogging yet, but will soon.

  2. I agree---wear what you want--especially when you look like that!!! Loving the jeans and they look great. I think I need some colored skinnies!


  3. I love your colored jeans! Especially the red ones! I've been trying to thrift some, too, but no luck yet! :)

  4. With a figure like yours you SHOULD rock the colored jeans! You look great.

  5. So cute!!!!

    My mom is just shy of 90, yes 90, a woman on the go, and I've never heard her say she's old to too old for something. I think it's the secret to her longevity and spunk!

    Have a great day and rock the colored jeans!

  6. Umm you get to wear whatever you want because you look fantastic in everything.

  7. I looooooove it when you do WIWW!!

    You are ADORABLE and I think you look amazing in those pants!!

  8. LOVE the colored pants! and your header! too cute!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  9. AWESOME colored pants - what great Goodwill finds! You are definitely young enough to rock that look!

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  11. Nice look and you rock in the pants ... love the RL blazer!