Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIWW Sweater Dressing

You may have seen this outfit already, I linked up with A Thrifty LA Life with it last week....
Meeting my boss for a Goodwill Lunch
HalfTees- Half Tee (best tshirts EVER)
Sweater Dress (The Gap/ Goodwill)
Vintage Slip Peeeking Out (Goodwill)
Tights/Boot-socks (Kohls
Boots/ Steve Madden Zappos
I could use a little more junk in my trunk....

Son's Birthday Lunch (SmashBurger)
Brown Sweater Dress (Goodwill)
Tights (Kohls)
Boots (Goodwill)

Long Coat (MixIT ? Goodwill)
Lucky Jeans (Goodwill)
Red Boots (Goodwill)
un-cuffed jeans
Rockin the Lisa Leonard Cuff!!
I decided it makes me look short...I know I AM short...but this makes me look even short-er! But I love the Lisa Leonard look!!

Jeans Old Navy
Worn In Boots (Goodwill)
Sweater -----Well it is Goodwill all right....I loved the knock off Anthro look so I brought it home, when I took the tags off to wash it I noticed it was.......No not Anthropologie.....
It was from the "That's So Raven" collection
Whaaaaa? Yes I bought a child's sweater designed by a former child actor....yes the Disney Channel. Now do you see how short I am!!!
I still like it but I feel a little Prince ala Purple Rain in it!


  1. Love that coat! Cute sweater dresses too. I hear ya on the cuffing. I did the same cuffing experiments on my WIWW. To cuff, or not to cuff!

  2. LOVE the pink coat... & I wish that I could give you some of the junk, from my trunk..
    Going to be in Co. in a few weeks again, you just know I am going to be "Goodwilling" there.

  3. Great outfits! Love the sweater dresses :)

  4. Hey honey, your looking wonderful as always and boy do you pack a punch on a budget, I need to go shopping with you. Being a shorty myself I agree that cuff cut the leg and make us look shorter (shame). Your hair has grown loads since I last saw it, it looks really nice. Have a great week. axx

  5. I so need to find out where YOUR Goodwill is because you are looking pretty great in those outfits!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am donating a few things to some gals at church, and then yes, it will all go to goodwill! :) Have a great day!

  6. man, you have some great scores... love all those sweater dresses and the red coat... ahhh the red coat... LOVELY... you look great!

  7. How do you find such great things at goodwill? I never find anything like that! You look great...cuffed or uncuffed! :)

    That coat is to die for!!!


  8. so funny about the sweater! in spite of being "so raven" it is so cute!

  9. You have found some really cute clothes at GW. Wish I was as lucky. Still loving your red boots so much I hope I found some like them!!

  10. Your boots are fab!!


  11. You have found some GREAT finds at Goodwill. I am so jealous. Our closest one is an hour away! It is worth the drive, though. I've only been a couple of times! LOVE your looks. Your title is adorable- junk in the trunk. I LOVE IT!

  12. you are waaaay to cute. love it all!!

  13. Love love love the sweater! And I wear a Miley Cyrus scarf often so don't feel too bad. ;-)

  14. Dee, you are absolutely hilar!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've ventured into my local Goodwill a time or two but didn't have much luck. Staying tuned for more of your fabulousness!! :)

  15. i want to go on a goodwill shopping trip with you!! love it all!!

  16. I lovvvvee that first outfit. Super cute.

    I remember watching That's so Raven. Never knew they had a clothes line for it too - haha!