Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm having Deja Blue! This post is from 1 year ago...

This is weird! Last year on March 23, 2011 I posted this. Basically this is what Deja Blue is. Goodwill in a pretty package with prices that are still amazing! DB is for the shopper who needs a little merchandising! I loooove the store but I love the hunt. So watch out because I am still shopping at my favorite Goodwill stores. Please remember that merchandise is NOT being "taken" from your favorite store. DB is hand selecting merchandise from our warehouse. I saw it with my own two eyes. Picture those GIANT blue bins filled to the top with donated clothing and our amazing employees looking each piece over, hanging them up, and presenting them to you in a new location. That is all. Try BOTH stores. The each have something unique to offer!
image from California Closets

I think if Goodwill looked like this people more would want to shop there. Duh....(I have two teenage boys...this is where my vocabulary comes from)...moving on...

Goodwill has Armani for $6.00 because it looks Goodwill. But that's what makes it sooo fun! I will tell you that I would have a field day in there with some laundry equipment and my fancy iron!!!! I dream of cleaning that joint up!! How could I do that while maintaining the $3.49 that I just paid for the Nordstom Spring Jacket...I'll think about that and get back to you.

The other day while I was taking photographs of lovely Easter outfits for children, a man rammed my cart because it was in his way. Rammed it. I was a little startled but not really, 'cause I was at the 'Dub. It was actually much nicer than the time a scary looking guy was holding an ice pick that he had just found in the housewares section. You know how when you see a scary guy holding an ice pick you try to memorize his features so you can tell the cops later? Yeah like that. Don't worry mom I hid behind some giant man that looked relatively safe. Goodwill is entertaining to say the least! (I watch a lot of 48 Hour Mystery on the ID channel.)


  1. Yesterday I scored a beautiful Hilfiger purse for $3.99 at my favorite GW!
    I got out a bottle of leather condition and did a test spot first then did the entire thing. I looks great!
    Love my Goodwill in Lakeway Texas.


  2. I never ever find much at the Goodwill. But I do go and look sometimes because you inspire me when I read your posts DeeAnna. Maybe one of these days I will find something wonderful if I keep going. Then I will have to leave you a comment to share about my treasure! (:>)

    Happy Spring!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits