Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIWW Pattern Mixing

I have a friend named Julie that used to mix her metaphors. For example she would say, I need to be careful, I have been spending money like a fish! Mixing Patterns is really in style, but if you aren't careful you will look like you got dressed in the dark. Only some high fashion bloggers can pull it off. The rest of us just look confused. I like to mix plaids, tweeds, and ginghams, but that is because I like to dress like I'm a man on Downton Abbey. Hey it works for me.
This is my uniform: Blazer (I collect them like puppies, so I have to wear one every day)
Maybe a sweater underneath....It's COLD in Denver still
White or Black T-shirt (Target)
Skinny Jeans (Target style #6 Skinny) via Target but I find them at Goodwill too!
Riding Boots via Goodwill...I own WAY too many to count. ( I don't want to know how many I have)
Then I just vary the theme
Blazer Ralph Lauren Goodwill
Grandpa Sweater Target
TShirt Target
Leggings Target
Boots Nordstrom brand from Goodwill
This is where I mixed my patterns but it was subtle and it looked cute.
Blazer JCrew via Goodwill
Plaid Shirt Abercrombie boys via Goodwill
Jeans Tar-jay of course
Boots via Goodwill


  1. You always look great in all your blazers. :) It's very you! And can I say I absolutely love Downton Abbey... I'm so upset at the number of months we have to wait until 3rd season. :( It's torture.

  2. Love the blazers! And the pattern mixing!

    Lindsey Turner

  3. Very sharp. I love the lumberjack flannel, now go chop some wood!

    Have a great day!


  4. That's really cute!! I love the subtle pattern mixing!

  5. You rock with putting together chic menswear inspired looks with a feminine twist. And on a great budget. Looooove!!!