Monday, March 5, 2012

Eggs, God, and Store Brand Cold Medicine

You know how God sometimes smacks you right in the head, well I got smacked while making eggs.

It started out easily enough.  My girlfriend is going through medical treatment that has left her sick and exhausted.  Let me mention that she has five children.  Yes five of them.  Here is the good news, only four are left at home. (heehheee)  Anywhoooo so she is sick and telling us at breakfast the other day that her husband and children have been less than helpful. So ME in my infinite wisdom says, "Oh well you need to ask your husband and kids to help.  You can't let them run you ragged like that!!!"

I brought dinner and snacks over to her house a few days later in hopes that the kids could find something to eat on their own. (They are elementary to high school age so they are capable of helping themselves.)
I came across this idea on Pinterest. (follow me here!) Cute huh? Here is the link to the blog post. 
It makes you want to buy some off brand Tupperware doesn't it?

Ok so now fast-forward a few days and the flu is making its way through OUR house.  First my younger son gets it, then the older one, and then I got it.  (Here comes the for it...)  So I did have time to make some chicken soup before I got sick so that was good.  Buuut then I am in bed, sick as a dog and I finally make it downstairs to get something to drink and my son says, "Will you make me some eggs?"  I feel bad for him because he is sick too and he hasn't eaten in a few days, so I start to make the eggs.  I look around and my darling husband comes around the corner, and just as I am about to ask him to take over for me he says,  "Oh, eggs, great!  Will you make me some?"  (he also asked me to pick up my son's car that was in the shop.  *Newsflash* the driver of said car and I were both sick.  yes of course I did it) *I had been sick in bed for two days, so NO there is no way that my husband did not know I was sick.

That was God smacking me in the head.

Don't give out lame advice, even if it sounds reasonable at the time.  Everyone knows a mom's arms could fall off and she would somehow carry laundry upstairs on her head.  I sound a little bitter, let's pretend it's the store brand daytime flu medicine talking.

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  1. Love this post. Thanks for linking up. Such a great reminder that as mamas we need to help each other out! XO Courtney

  2. It just made my day to see this post inspired someone! Thanks SO SO much for sharing the link with your readers :) Happy Monday to you!