Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something to think about....

Thrift Store Confidential has a very interesting post this morning. A Michigan Senator has proposed budget cuts that would require foster families to shop at thrift stores for their children's clothing using vouchers. Read the full article here:!5795155/mich-lawmakers-plan-requires-fosters-kids-to-shop-at-thrift-stores

Democrat or Republican this type of mandate seems demeaning and punitive to me. I love Goodwill, dress myself, and my children from thrift stores and I am proud of it. However I am not required to shop there from my state representative. Yes, I do think you can buy current, name brand, affordable clothing at thrift stores....but should you have to? Would you feel the same if he suggested Old Navy or the 70% off clearance rack at Kohls? I don't know.



  1. It's a similar concept as the one where people believe that those who have money should not shop thrift. I'll shop wherever I want, thank you . . . well, maybe not this year. It's the GW for me thru Dec. 31st! ; )

  2. This is crap. What is this guy thinking? Folks living on public benefits, foster children in particular, have so little to live off in the first place....why waste anyone's time trying to restrict how they spend simple/limited clothing allowance. Is this really what policy wonks need to spend their time on; writing dumbass legislation for unnecessary laws? Glad he's not my Rep.
    Also, many/most second hand shops have a particular charitable angle, including religious based benefits. And while I think that's a swell thing in general, I'm not keen on my tax dollars funneling large quantities of $$$ toward someone's missionary trip to Kuala Lumpur, etc.. Folks should be able to spend what little money they have, exactly how they want, supporting whatever business they choose. That's the essential crux of capitalism, not to mention one of the few dignities to living on public benefits: CHOICES.

    ...stepping off my soap box now...
    Oh Dee, you get me all riled up about this!

  3. Oh Peaches, this will never fly because this guy will be laughed out of Congress. I don't think it's a good idea because they will get all good stuff. Since I don't have a blog, I will use this space to advertise Aunt Peaches giveaway of lots of junky craft supplies (Yum!) Google her for the address. We should all pass along the craft things we don't want anymore. Kind of like a chain letter. Ann

  4. foster parents shopping for children in their homes at thrift stores while buying their own childrens clothes from Target. I don't think so!