Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIWW What was left in the camera week...

I'm trying to change the image of Goodwill (G-Dub) one shopping trip at a time.

My computer bit it while we were on here is what was in the memory stick that survived!

In Florida for Spring Break
Sweater Old Navy
Dress Goodwill (no brand)
Shoes Cynthia Rowley (Goodwill)
You know they are good when Goodwill only puts one shoe out on the sales floor and you have to ask for the other one. Not inexpensive for the G-Dub but I love them. yes they kill my feet.

I love this orange jacket!
Orange Jacket Suni brand? (Goodwill)
Skinny Jeans Old Navy via Goodwill
Sporto Boots (Goodwill)

Out running errands with my better half!
JCrew button down...I flipped my collar....G-Dub!
Same Skinny Jeans cuffed G-Dub
Floral Flats Chinese Laundry G-Dub

Yes the G-Dub is Goodwill and yes I buy almost all of my clothes could say I'm obsessed with the 'Dub!


  1. Very cute. Lovin' the flipped up collar. You and I purchased very similar dresses and we each posted them today. You are much more glam in yours though. I wore mine to the dentist -- no cavities again! ; )

  2. oooo I love the outfits! Some of my absolute favorite clothing pieces come from thrifts, I just blogged yesterday about a Lacoste dress I found in a thrift store...who gives this stuff away?

  3. Cute, you have a great goodwill store!

  4. Beautiful dress and you look gorgeous! You know if that Cynthis Rowley shoes really that bad, you can always passed them to me ;) LOL
    I love Goodwill as well.


  5. We have a savers here (like Goodwill) that I am obsessed with to. Love the orange jacket

  6. I have a question- I love thrifting and garage sales and such, but how do you clean shoes that you get- like the ballet flats?

  7. Super cute outfits. Love the orange jacket. You've really motivated me to get out and see what can find in the thrift shops in my area.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. i have stopped by here numerous times to see your sweet outfits all from Goowill ( looooove Goodwill and we also have a Value Village, I love too) anyway, love your style and am now a follower!!!

  9. love your outfits! how fun to be in florida! i hope it was great! we are on spring break this week and i am at my parent's at the beach. the only problem is that it is COLD! but all of that means nothing to you...

    you are cute as ever this week!


  10. The first dress is so pretty. I have a similar one from Ann Taylor LOFT. You are so cute and I love that all of your clothes (or almost all) are from G-Dub! I admire your thriftiness.

  11. Maybe I will visit the G-dub today!

    Cute usually.


  12. I am LOVING all of your fabulous finds at G-Dub! The orange jacket is super cute and trendy! LOVE it. I am pretty sure I need to go check out my own G-Dub. It's been awhile and after seeing your cute outfits it makes me miss her! ;)

  13. The goodwill here in Napa.. is awful! I never find anything good. The one down in Irvine was amazing... looks like the one you go to is amazing too!

  14. Love, LOVE your orange outfit. I have yet to buy one of the pairs of shoes from the goodwill that only has one shoe out on display... I'm too cheap! One time I got all excited about a pair of Frye boots, only to find the G-dub price was $70! I know that's a good deal for like ebay or craigslist, but Goodwill! I couldn't do it on principle ;)