Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIWW My car stops at Goodwill and Target

While looking for picture of What I Wore this week I realized that I don't really need to break down what I was wearing in each picture. It's easy really:Goodwill, Target or Target stuff I bought at Goodwill. There you go. Speaking of the GDub, I have been working on a project for them that is fun, but I'll be happy when it is finished...stay tuned for the details!


  1. Wait...I loved that you did that!! I could read your outfit from top to bottom..and know exactly what came from where! It was great to read
    that the Target items came from Goodwill too!!
    I do hope you will consider bringing this feature back. I think it added to the fun..and drool-worthiness of those thrifted items! Happy Easter..-ann

  2. i love your goodwill and target too. we have a thrift store called, value village that i tend to head to before goodwill...although you sure do find some awesome stuff!!!!

  3. our goodwill hasn't had amazing things and it's making me a little upset! you always look darling!

  4. I think you are spoiled, with really good stores near you. I went to my closest Gdub today in Connecticut. The smallest thing was $3. Most pieces of clothing were over $15. I couldn't find anything, even in housewares. Ann

  5. New project??? Can't wait! Looking cute as always!

  6. Love it! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog ;)

    XOXO Andrea