Monday, February 21, 2011

Whatcha' Missed

This past Saturday was 50% off everything at my favorite boutique called G-Dub. (that is Goodwill for the new readers)
I like to show you what you missed out on, because I'm mean AND I want you to try Goodwill for yourselves....Go already!!

A bin of cowboy heard me!! I was shopping with my friend Margie and she tipped me off to the bin being rolled is the sad part.....ALLLL of them were size 6 1/2. Tiniest feet ever. Dang it!!!

The Parker, Colorado store has AMAZING equestrian items! You are deep in horse country there and each Goodwill sells from items donated to that specific store.

Thrift store rule #6,759 People who donate normally donate in multiples. No one is going to drive to Goodwill and drop off a pair of boots, or a pair of jeans....realistically, people wait until they have a large donation and take it all at once....What does that mean for you? If you see something amazing in your size look for more...I once found 3 Brooks Brother shirts that way...I just kept looking for similar shirts in my size and someone bought three colors in Brooks Brothers. I bought them in G-Dub and saved myself a couple hundred dollars. cuz that how I roll.


  1. OMG! I am going to have to drive up to that G-dub, I live in the Springs and have the HARDEST time finding my size in shoes or boots at G-dub...which happens to be a 6-6.5! And.....look at all those cute boots you just posted! Ughhh! LOL!~

  2. Casey!! We found AMAZING shoes in 6.5 at both Goodwill locations! Email me and we can go together!!

  3. Eeeek! Are you serious! I would LOVE that!

  4. Yes!! Anytime!! Email me! deeannasoicher at q dot com!

  5. Sent you an e-mail, and those white cowboy boots are to die for!

  6. I was thrifting this weekend and saw a pair of PURPLE COWBOY BOOTS! Of course I thought of you :)

    However, I shied away and didn't buy them bc they were size 5 and grimy on the inside (I don't mind wear-n-tear but someone had taken these babies Funkytown. Can't say I blame them. I would wear them everyday if they fit!) I took a pass but they have been haunting me for 48 hours. Dangnabbit, I should have bought them and turned them into bookends or something. Shame on me! Next time I see boots, I'm getting them!

  7. OMG!!! Cowboy boots!! Our G-Dub was 50% off today for President's Day. My haul today came to a whopping total of $13.00. Gotta love G-Dub!!

  8. I don't even wear cowboy boots (Pittsburgh gal!) but I'm a purple freak so I would have TOTALLY grabbed those puppies and worn them! LOL

    I LOVE this blog. :)